Queen Elizabeth II 90A very happy 90th birthday to Queen Elizabeth II! The Queen has two birthdays, her official birthday which is usually celebrated on the second Saturday in June and her actual birthday which is 21st April.

Her birthday is marked by a number of gun salutes including at the Tower of London. The Tower of London Facebook page has announced that “Today at 1pm, there will be a 62-round gun salute marking the 90th birthday of HM The Queen. As well as the usual 21 rounds for a Royal anniversary, an extra 20 are fired as the Tower of London is a Royal Palace and Fortress, and a further 21 for the City of London.” How wonderful!

You can send a birthday message to the Queen via the British Monarchy website at https://www.royal.uk/messagetothequeen or via Twitter @BritishMonarchy

The occasion has been marked by the release of a beautiful photo of the Queen with her five great-grandchildren, and two of her grandchildren – see http://metro.co.uk/2016/04/21/

Back in September, I took part in a tribute to mark the date when Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest reigning monarch – click here to read my article now. And did you know that Queen Elizabeth II is descended from Mary Boleyn? Click here to read all about that.

How much do you know about Queen Elizabeth II? Why not test yourself with a fun quiz? Click here to try it now.

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4 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II!”
  1. Ma’am a very “Happy Birthday” what a wonderful age-90 years. I wish you many more! Enjoy your day!

  2. Republican, agnostic and – worse ? – french, I wish your queen a merry christmas and many more indeed.
    Not only for her tact and delightful humour, but for her legacy, what she symbolizes.
    Heiress to a royal couple of “resistants” during W W II, she shows she would not forget about it.
    Believing in nothing but in Europe’s (and mankind’s) future, I truely wish her the best.

  3. Not a monarchist but Happy Birthday Liz II, great age to have reached and hope you get some down time with the grand and great grand kids. I must admit I don’t envy her having to spend today walking around Windsor on the hottest day of the year so far, but that is the price of duty and public service. The photo in the papers and on the telly showed some lovely pictures with the little ones. With all her family around her she looks really natural and happy. Have a good one, just the same.

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