Charles Brandon coverJust to let you know that the kindle version of a brand new biography of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon: The King’s Man by Sarah Bryson, is available to pre-order now – click on the links below to pre-order or find out more:

It is also available on the other Amazon stores. It will be released on 30th April as a paperback and kindle book.

Here’s the blurb:

Charles Brandon was an enigmatic, charismatic man, rising from a mere boyhood friend of the future king, Henry VIII, to flirting with a European duchess, marrying Mary Tudor, Dowager Queen of France, and being created Duke of Suffolk. Brandon was one of the best jousters during the reign of Henry, he was clever, athletic and confident, though his confidence sometimes got him into trouble.

In this detailed biography, Sarah Bryson (Mary Boleyn in a Nutshell) gives us a highly detailed look at Charles Brandon’s life and times, including information and background on each of his marriages, his children, and his lifetime achievements.

Fully referenced and indexed, Charles Brandon: The King’s Man is an invaluable resource for any Tudor enthusiast.

“A vivid portrait of one of the most enigmatic and fascinating men at the Tudor court.” – Josephine Wilkinson, author of Katherine Howard

“An enjoyable and readable biography of this fascinating Tudor man.” – Claire Ridgway, author of The Fall of Anne Boleyn

“Bryson has constructed a fluid and well-informed narrative which rings with passion for her subject. She successfully brings to life a vibrant and complex man, drawing out the different levels of his identity as a courtier, jouster, politician, friend to the King and as a husband and lover. I defy anyone to read this interesting study and not to be drawn in by the author’s infectious desire to understand the real Charles Brandon.” – Amy Licence, author of The Six Wives & Many Mistresses of Henry VIII

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9 thoughts on “Charles Brandon: The King’s Man”
  1. Great to see another book on Charles Brandon, as Gunn is the only biography up to now, re-published recently. I am also looking forward to the upcoming joint bio of Charles and Mary. If anyone was a true King’s man it was Brandon, not blindly loyal, but loyal despite the King’s faults.

    1. Hi Banditqueen,
      I guess you are right : Charles Brandon, who was granted so many royal favours and benevolences (sharing the same defaults as his sovereign and brother-in-law) knew very well on which side his bread was buttered.
      I wish we knew what ‘d have happened, had he oulived KH …
      With my best wishes

  2. I am so desperate…
    Would like to buy seceral E- books but amazon doesn’t accept PayPal, and buying a gitcard is not possible, because I don’t live in the US…
    So I have to tempt myself by reading small pieces on Kindle and patiently wait until all thise wonderful books reach Europe…
    I hope pocketbooks but hardcovers!
    I do appreate though this marvellous annboleynfiles, alwas looking forward to find them on facebook!

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