#FridayFun – Queen Jane Seymour Quiz

Posted By on May 26, 2023

As the month of May is the anniversary of the marriage of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour on 30th May 1536, I thought I’d test your knowledge of Queen Jane Seymour with a fun quiz.

Good luck!

#1. The Seymour family home, Wulfhall, is in this English county.

#2. Jane's father was Sir John Seymour, but who was her mother?

#3. True or false: Jane shared a great-grandmother with both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard?

They shared a great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cheney.

#4. Who was sceptical of Jane's virginity, as she had "long frequented the Court"?

#5. Where did the marriage of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour take place?

#6. During her pregnancy, Jane developed a craving for .......

#7. True or false: Jane's motto was God send me well to keep?

Her motto was “Bound to obey and serve”. Anne of Cleves had “God send me well to keep”.

#8. Jane Seymour used the phoenix on her royal badge, but which of these heraldic beasts did she also use?

#9. True or false: Jane's remains were buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor, but her heart was buried elsewhere?

Her heart was buried in the chapel royal at Hampton Court Palace.

#10. Who acted as chief mourner at Jane's funeral on 12th November 1537?