#FridayFun – Queen Jane Seymour Quiz

As the month of May is the anniversary of the marriage of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour on 30th May 1536, I thought I’d test your knowledge of Queen Jane Seymour with a fun quiz.

Good luck!


#1. The Seymour family home, Wulfhall, is in this English county.

#2. Jane's father was Sir John Seymour, but who was her mother?

#3. True or false: Jane shared a great-grandmother with both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard?

They shared a great-grandmother, Elizabeth Cheney.

#4. Who was sceptical of Jane's virginity, as she had "long frequented the Court"?

#5. Where did the marriage of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour take place?

#6. During her pregnancy, Jane developed a craving for .......

#7. True or false: Jane's motto was God send me well to keep?

Her motto was “Bound to obey and serve”. Anne of Cleves had “God send me well to keep”.

#8. Jane Seymour used the phoenix on her royal badge, but which of these heraldic beasts did she also use?

#9. True or false: Jane's remains were buried at St George's Chapel, Windsor, but her heart was buried elsewhere?

Her heart was buried in the chapel royal at Hampton Court Palace.

#10. Who acted as chief mourner at Jane's funeral on 12th November 1537?


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