Today is the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn’s execution on 19th May 1536, so it seems only right for our weekly quiz to be about Anne Boleyn’s fall.

How much do you know about the events leading up to and surrounding Anne Boleyn’s execution? Find out with this quiz.

Good luck!


#1. Which of the men imprisoned in the Tower at Anne's fall in May 1536 was kept in chains?

#2. Two men were imprisoned in the Tower of London in May 1532 but later released. One was Thomas Wyatt the Elder, who was the other?

#3. True or false: Anne Boleyn was charged with adultery, plotting to kill the king and witchcraft?

Anne was never charged with witchcraft.

#4. Anne Boleyn and the five men were accused of committing crimes in these two counties.

#5. On 14th May 1536, Jane Seymour was moved here to be closer to the king.

#6. After a visit from this person on 16th May, Anne spoke of being in hope of life.

#7. The five men were executed by beheading on Tower Hill on 17th May 1536. Whose execution was last?

#8. True or false: Anne Boleyn was beheaded where the glass memorial stands today on Tower Green.

Contemporary records state that she was executed before the House of Ordinance, so on what is the present-day parade ground between the White Tower and the Waterloo Barracks (entrance to the Crown Jewels).

#9. Who said, on the 19th May 1536, "she who has been the Queen of England upon Earth will today become a Queen in heaven"?

#10. When did Henry VIII and Jane Seymour become betrothed?


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