Anne Boleyn Gift Enclosure

Just a quickie post to let you know that we are discontinuing some items – see End of Line Jewelry – and also have an Easter bargain page for you to get hold of some of our “The Tudors” and Elizabeth jewelry at discounted prices.

There’s nothing wrong with them and those items are not being discontinued, they’re simply excess stock and obviously Daniela wants room in her office for all of her Easter eggs(!), plus the new items she’s working on. Grab them while you can at Easter Bargains.

Front and Back View

Also, Tiffini (TartX) has just created these beautiful Anne Boleyn gift enclosures (we Brits call them note cards!), featuring her collage of my favourite Anne Boleyn portrait.

They really are gorgeous and are perfect for sending with a gift or writing a note to someone special – we could all indoctrinate our friends and family by sending them Anne Boleyn cards!

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