Showtime have just released this wonderful video presented by Natalied Dormer. In it, Natalie is given her own private tour of the British Library’s “Man and Monarch” exhibition where she sees, among other things, portraits, one of Henry’s love letters to Anne and a report about the evidence of Catherine Howard’s sexual encounters before her marriage. Enjoy!

If you have problems watching the video here (because of where you are located), you may be able to watch it on the Showtime site – see

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9 thoughts on “Behind The Tudors with Natalie Dormer”
  1. Was really excited to see this! I am glad they brought Natalie in to do it- looking forward to seeing her in season 4! =)

  2. I would’ve loved to see this in person! What a great exhibition. I love Natalie Dormer too, and I miss her intense acting on the show!

  3. I really missed Natalie in Season 3 of The Tudors and in fact I thought the Season was a little flat because quite a few strong characters/actors were missing – Anne Boleyn, Wolsey, More and the Duke of Norfolk. I though Cavill was great as Suffolk but I really missed the others.

  4. Absolutely love Natalie Dormer and also miss her in The Tudors (though she makes an appearance in season 4).

    I think I may have held my breath the entire time walking through that exhibition! What a privilege to have been right there with all of those incredible items. I can’t even imagine.

    Was it just me or did H8 look a bit more plump in that quick little snippet at the end of the clip? I can’t wait until it’s out on DVD…

  5. How interested Natalie still is in the story of Anne and Henry. Maybe that is what made her portrayal of Anne in the Tudors so special and why she is missed.She still shows an interest in Henry, I would love to hear her take on him!

  6. Natalie Dormer was the real star in the Tudors and i miss her to
    And i like she did that exhibition you right Claire season 3 was a little flat
    But it looks like season 4 will be much better then 3

  7. I think the biggest problem with season 3 was the lack of character development, simply because no new character was really developed. And characters like Sir Francis Bryan don’t add much. He is reduced to being an unsuccessful hit man. From the few clips I have seen of season 4, well, all I can say is don’t expect too much. Catherine Howard seems like she is right out of the San Fernando Valley and would be at home in the mall. If she says “Oh my God” or “gag me with a spoon” I won’t be surprised. Henry’s chin at one point looks like he needs liposuction as his attempt to gain weight – my reaction was to laugh. So like, I totally love seasons 1 and 2, you know, but like, the next 2 were like okay, but not like, great, like do you know what I mean?

  8. In the U.S., Showtime put on most of the first episode 4 on March 30. Katherine Howard is shown in a scene from “American Beauty” – wearing nothing but roses. The director must have told her to giggle as much as possible, and if possible, act as silly as possible. Thomas Culpepper comes across as a pervert, like a crazed peeping tom. There is an absolutely awful scene of a rape and murder, with no purpose to the plot. There is another oversexed noblemen, the Earl of Surrey, so I guess Sir Bryan is out. No new character looks interesting, but the writing should be blamed. Actors can only work with what they are given, and it isn’t much. And every time Katherine plays with her fan, I must admit to wishing for her to grow up, which of course we all know she can’t. Henry is just another guy having a midlife crisis, only difference being how he ends it. It was on you tube but it may be blocked in other countries.

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