April 19 – Mary, Queen of Scots gets betrothed, the singeing of a king’s beard, and a risky business

Apr19,2022 #Mary Queen of Scots

On this day in Tudor history, 19th April 1558, fifteen-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots and fourteen-year-old Francis, the Dauphin, son of King Henry II of France, were formally betrothed at the Louvre Palace in Paris.

This betrothal was just five days before their wedding and was a lavish affair, celebrated with a ball.

Find out more about the betrothal, the bride and groom, and arrangements for their marriage…

On this day in 1587, Sir Francis Drake “singed the King of Spain’s beard”, as he called it, by attacking the Spanish fleet in the harbour of Cadiz.

Drake’s actions on that day and the following few days meant that King Philip had to postpone his plans for the Spanish Armada to attack England – phew!

Finally, on this day in 1601, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, bookseller James Duckett was hanged at Tyburn. Being a bookseller in Tudor times could be a risky business, particularly if you had the wrong kind of books on your premises!

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