8 July 1503 – Thomas Boleyn escorts Margaret Tudor to Scotland

Margaret Tudor
Margaret Tudor

On 8th July 1503, Thomas Boleyn, father of Anne Boleyn, was part of the large retinue headed by Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, and chosen by Henry VII to escort the 13 year-old Margaret Tudor to Edinburgh for her marriage to James IV of Scotland.

The party had left Richmond Palace for the home of Margaret’s paternal grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, at Collyweston in Northamptonshire on 27th June 1503. They spent eleven days with Lady Beaufort before starting the journey north. Stops included Grantham, York, Durham, Newcastle and Berwick, which was, at the time, held by England. They arrived in Scotland on 1st August and the wedding took place at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, on 8th August and Thomas Boleyn was able to enjoy five days of celebrations before leaving for home.

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