8 December’s Tudor Treats

It’s time for another Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar treat and today we have some creative writing from Anne Boleyn Files follower, Lorna Wanstall, which is related to Tudor history.

A big thank you to Lorna for sharing her work with us.

To enjoy today’s treat, simply visit the Advent Calendar by clicking here, and enjoy.

Then, why not head over to the Tudor Society and enjoy another Advent Calendar treat? Find out who is hiding in the very Christmassy Coughton Court today.

Simply go to https://www.tudorsociety.com/advent2020/!

And in case you missed the daily Teasel’s Tudor Trivia videos from Advent last year, here is Teasel’s 8th December treat:

And, if you want even more Tudor history goodness, then here is today’s “on this day in Tudor history” video:

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One thought on “8 December’s Tudor Treats”
  1. I did recognise the name Coffyn as belonging to one of the ladies who served Anne in the Tower, Anne had complained that she was sent these ladies but their task was not to bring her comfort, but spy on her poor Anne, like many of her household, after her death they then waited on the next queen, but Mrs Coffyn being one of Anne’s women would then have witnessed her terrible ending and she was one of those who helped carry her body or head to its grave, a most unpleasant task for even the hard hearted, another interesting video Claire and it was great to see one of your cats this time, she’s lovely.

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