9 December’s Tudor Treats

Posted By on December 9, 2020

9th December’s Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar treat is ready and waiting for you!

Today, we have an excerpt from one of historian Kristie Dean’s books. A big thank you to Kristie for sharing it with us.

To enjoy today’s treat, simply visit the Advent Calendar by clicking here.

Then, why not enjoy another historical treat by heading over to the Tudor Society? Find out who is hiding in the very Christmassy Coughton Court today.

Simply go to https://www.tudorsociety.com/advent2020/!

And in case you missed the daily Teasel’s Tudor Trivia videos from Advent last year, here is Teasel’s 9th December treat:

And, if you want even more Tudor history goodness, then here is today’s “on this day in Tudor history” video:

2 thoughts on “9 December’s Tudor Treats”

  1. Banditqueen says:

    It’s interesting that Henry had a long investigation into the behaviour of Kathryn Howard, rather than immediately thinking it was true from the beginning.

    The poor old Duchess and her family must have been terrified, although all things considered, they were lucky to eventually escape with their lives.

    1. Christine says:

      Yes I can feel for all Catherine’s family, especially her poor grandmother, she was old by Tudor standards and did not need all that worry, it must have been so stressful, misprision of treason was a serious crime and one can just see the poor lady being subjected to all that continuous questioning, the terror in her eyes, her quavering voice, the men must have been quite brutal with her, in her mind she was most likely cursing her granddaughter, if only she hadn’t been such a hussy, she her son and daughter were extremely lucky to escape with their lives, but it must have been such a traumatic time for the Howard family, and the death of the queen meant they were all tarnished with the scandal, there could not have been any festivities that Christmas at court or within the Howard household.

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