6 December – Christmas Countdown

Dec 6, 2023 #Saint Nicholas #Santa Claus

Happy St Nicholas’s Day!

Do you know the origin of Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas? Well, in today’s video I share some trivia about Saint Nick.

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2 thoughts on “6 December – Christmas Countdown”
  1. It’s a lovely story and last year not long before Christmas my friends came round for a little festive evening of drinks and snacks, and one of them loves quizzes, she brought round a box of quizzes and it was all about Christmas and my question was where did St Nicholas come from? I replied Turkey, but her next comment made me giggle, ‘is that why we eat turkeys at Christmas’ she said innocently, I think many people are unaware that their Christmas meal comes from North America! I must add I love the music that accompanies your advent videos Claire, when I click on the link and hear it’s melody I always see the great lofty hall at Hampton court decorated with boughs of greenery and holly, and see Henry Viii with his sweetheart Anne Boleyn amidst the meet company.

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