28 November 1489 – Birth of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland

Nov28,2012 #Margaret Tudor

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Margaret Tudor on 28th November 1489. Margaret was the eldest daughter of King Henry VII and his wife, Elizabeth of York, and the sister of Henry VIII. She became Queen of Scotland in 1503 after marrying James IV of Scotland by proxy at Richmond Palace on 25th January.

You can read more about Margaret in my article on The Death of Margaret Tudorbut here’s a piece of Boleyn trivia for you – Thomas Boleyn was chosen by Henry VII to escort Princess Margaret to Scotland for her official marriage to James IV. Thomas was an important man and royal favourite long before his daughters caught the eye Henry VIII.


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3 thoughts on “28 November 1489 – Birth of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland”
  1. She seems to have had a very eventful life, mind you what member of the Tudor family and close associates didn’t 🙂 Had to laugh when I read the post on her death, at the bit about her brother Henry not beliving in divorce…

    It must have been a strange situation for her to be in when her brother and husband were at war against each other, I wonder how she felt when her husband the King was killed in battle by her brothers troops, or if any animosity was shown towards her because she was the sister of the winning side, such complex times.

    That’s a good reminder about Thomas Boleyn’s status there Claire, I think at times we forget he was making his mark by his own merit and not only because of his daughters.
    How old is Margaret in that painting do you know? She was a very attractive lady, quite cherubic.

  2. Margaret ends up having the last laugh over Henry–her descendants took over the English crown after his line died out in 1603!

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