22 December – The Howards in trouble and an imprisoned bishop

On this day in history, 22 December 1541, members of the Howard and Tilney family, plus their staff, were tried for misprision of treason for covering up the “unlawful, carnal, voluptuous, and licentious life”. of Queen Catherine Howard while she lived with the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk at Lambeth.

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Also on this day in history, 22nd December 1534, John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester, wrote to Thomas Cromwell from the Tower of London beseeching him to provide him with a shirt and sheet, neither of which he had, some food, some books and a priest to hear his confession. He also asked Cromwell to intercede with the King and to “move” him to release Fisher from “this cold and painful imprisonment”. Fisher had been imprisoned for denying the King’s supremacy.

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