20 September 1486 – Birth of Arthur, Prince of Wales

Arthur TudorOn this day in history, 20th September 1486, “afore one o’clock after midnight”, Arthur, Prince of Wales, was born at Winchester, just eight months after the marriage of his parents, King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

Henry VII had decided that his first child would be born at Winchester, the place believed to have been the capital of the legendary Camelot, and that the child would be called Arthur after Camelot’s heroic king. Henry was convinced that Arthur’s birth would bring about a new golden age, but the boy only lived to the age of fifteen.

You can read more about Arthur in my article Arthur, Prince of Wales.

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5 thoughts on “20 September 1486 – Birth of Arthur, Prince of Wales”
  1. Prince Arthur’s brief life could certainly be a classic example of a butterfly effect. If he had lived (and had heirs), so much of English and Christian history would have changed. It’s eerie to ponder at times.

    1. Yes, History is full of interesting “if” s.
      What if Henry VIII remained faithful to the treaty with France, the cosequence of which would secured the French vote for Wolsey in his bid for the papacy. Henry would have got his divorce, which in turn would have dramatically changed history..

  2. I really shouldn’t be surprised at how similar Arthur and Henry looked as young men.. There was definately a family resemblance between them.

  3. How delighted and relieved they must have been. A son to secure a new dynasty.

    Talking about Elizabeth of York, and out of curiosity…has anyone read the ‘White Princess’ by P Gregory yet?? 🙂

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