2 December – Tudor Treats


It’s 2nd December and that means 3 more Tudor treats for you! I’m spoiling you, aren’t I?!

On the Anne Boleyn Files Advent Calendar, we have a guest article by historian Dr Susan Fern, so a big thank you to Susan for sharing her knowledge with us.

Simply visit the Advent Calendar at https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/advent2020/, click number 2 and enjoy Susan’s article.

But who is hiding in the very Christmassy Coughton Court over on the Tudor Society Advent Calendar today?

Well, go and find out at https://www.tudorsociety.com/advent2020/!

And in case you missed the daily Teasel’s Tudor Trivia videos from Advent last year, here is Teasel’s 2nd December treat:

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5 thoughts on “2 December – Tudor Treats”
  1. Love seeing Teasel it’s great we are getting to see more of her, I had read that Henry V111 wore spectacles and I know that Elizabeth 1st was quite shortsighted so she must have had to wear them as well, looking forward to seeing daily episodes of Teasels Tudor Trivia!

    1. Yes, I saw a pair of glasses belonging to Henry in a special exhibition. It was as he grew older of course but people had worn them for quite some time. In Warwick Castle there is a model of an officer wearing glasses made from refractive glass, later used in telescopes, with beautiful silver rims and filters to help with the light. It wasn’t very safe, but it did apparently work.
      Thomas More is often seen in later portraits with glasses.
      I love the novelty jousting helmet sent from Maximillian to Henry Viii because it had glasses and horns, meant for amusement as well as a great gift from the fellow monarch whom Henry actually saw as a role model.
      Glasses as we know them date from time during the nineteenth century.

  2. Of course neither Henry V111 or Elizabeth would allow their portraits to be painted whilst wearing glasses, they were much too vain for that!

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