ts_screenshotI just wanted to give an update on my new project The Tudor Society for those of you interested in joining. It’s less than two weeks since I set it up, but it already has a couple of hundred members and lots of exciting content for members to enjoy.

The first edition of Tudor Life, our monthly magazine, came out this week. It was a special edition focused on Elizabeth I, for her birthday month, and featured articles from historians and authors like Jessie Childs, Robert Stephen Parry and Anne Clinard Barnhill, as well as columns and articles by our team of regular contributors. Thank you to all those involved!

This month’s talk has gone live on the site today. Conor Byrne, author of Katherine Howard: A New History, talks about Katherine Howard’s sexual relationships with Henry Manox and Francis Dereham. Conor will be live in the chatroom to answer questions from members on Thursday 18 September.

Other content includes my weekly “Claire Chats” videos (there are already 4 on there), fun quizzes (do you need to read up or are you a Tudor expert?), audio talks (including Eric Ives on Anne Boleyn) and videos of talks, information on primary sources, recommended reading and family trees. Members are enjoying debating on the forum too.

Membership is by subscription, and annual, six monthly or monthly payment options are available.

You can find out more about The Tudor Society at www.tudorsociety.com/. We’ve had lots of lovely feedback – see Testimonials – which I’m thrilled about. Thank you to all our members and the historians and authors who are sharing their knowledge and expertise with members.

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4 thoughts on “The Tudor Society Update”
  1. Just two names for kittens, I had 2 with these names. Miss Nan and Lady Elizabeth. Love the picture of the kitten! (I have many cats!)

  2. And what a crackin’ site it is too Claire.
    It’s full of everything a Tudor history enthusiast, student etc needs.
    Everything about the site is very ‘slick’ and well thought out.
    The videos and audios are great too, as are the guest and experts features.
    With it being about all the Tudors it has opened up so many other avenues to read, discuss, and learn about, you and Tim must work none stop to produce such a quality and informative site. Well done yous…
    I hope it goes from strength to strength, all the best of luck.

    What’s it like being in the employ of the Tudor Dynasty, 🙂

  3. I paid for my subscription and live in the USA. I haven’t received any magazines etc in the post. Can you tell me what it is exactly that I am receiving?

    1. Hi Diane,
      We’ve sent you loads of emails – Tim has replied to all your emails, Gill our administrator has replied to you etc. so I can only assume that you are not receiving our emails. Are they going into your spam box? The Tudor Society consists of a digital magazine (there are now 3 on the site – Sept, Oct and Nov – which you can view online with the special magazine app or download to your computer), expert talks and live chats (Conor Byrne and Gareth Russell have both done talks and live chats for us and Karen Bowman is doing November), my weekly videos which are in the Claire Chats section, lots of posts, primary sources, other expert talks and videos, lots of things and I’m adding new content on a weekly basis. We just can’t contact you and we’re replying to all your emails so I assume they’re going into your spam/junk box.

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