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Posted By on September 9, 2014

Kitten tabbyI hope this little competition injects some fun into your week. We are picking up two kittens at the weekend and we thought it would be fun to ask Anne Boleyn Files visitors for Tudor style name suggestions for them.

Here are photos of two of the litter – there are two tabby style ones and two white ones with black markings, but we haven’t had chance to look which are male and which are female. We want females so we’re hoping that two of them are little girls. We need two Tudor names to suit female kittens – can you help?

Kitten whiteMy three children, Christian, Joel and Verity, are going to judge the competition and Verity has decided that she is head judge so you’ll have to deal with her if you don’t like the results.

Please post your ideas for names in the comments section below before midnight Friday (Eastern time) 12th September and we’ll announce the winners on Monday 15th September. Note: If lots of people say the same name and we choose that one, then we will pick the first person to have mentioned that name as the winner.

Two winners will each receive a hardback copy of Toni Mount’s excellent book Everyday Life in Medieval London.

Everyday life

121 thoughts on “Fun Competition – Name the Kittens”

  1. Olga says:

    What gorgeous girls Claire! I’d have to go with Lettice, it’s my favourite unusual Tudor name.

  2. Emma Kendall says:

    Lettice & Cecily

  3. Alessandra says:

    First name female: Mary
    Second name female: Elizabeth
    First name male: Henry
    Second name male: James
    In different ways these four names crossed each other many times in Tudor family and always with great meanings,troubles and every kind of feelings.
    Which name to which kitty? Elizabeth the dappled cat and Mary the striped one.Henry the dappled cat and James the striped one.

    p.s.: the girl on the pic seems to be a little Claire,nice! 🙂 Bye!!

  4. Catherine says:

    I love the name Prudence (Pru for short?)
    Too cute!! (:

  5. Eliza says:

    Lady Anne for the first one and Queen Bess for the second!! 🙂

    1. Janet Silvester says:

      that was going to be my answer!

      1. Eliza says:

        🙂 Great minds think alike!! Lol

  6. Eliza says:

    Cats are regal as, Queens after all!! 🙂

  7. Marja van den Heuvel says:

    I’d keep it simple: Ruby and Blanchette eg.

    1. Audrey van Gent says:

      Hey Marja,

      Perhaps a strange question, but are you Dutch? I would love to share my love for Tudor history with someone close by and in my own language!!

  8. Katrina says:

    Boleyn and London sound like cute names to me.

  9. Sarah says:

    Meone — meaning “little meow”

  10. Julia says:

    Not so much a Tudor name as a Stuart one, but how about Arbella (or Arabella)? The second name I would suggest is Bess after Elizabeth I’s nickname and/or Bess of Hardwick Hall.

  11. Elaine Hague says:

    Gorgeous kittens!! If they’re females. Call one rose as in Tudor rose. And maggie for princess Margaret and Margaret pole. Boys is easy. Jasper is a great name for a cat as in jasper Tudor and Henry of course 🙂 x

  12. Paul Burns says:

    Kittens names,
    Mary and Stewart,
    just a week away from the big vote in Scotland and Stewart could be a girls name.

  13. Easy ones – Annie and Bessie

  14. Sheila says:

    Only one name springs to mind and it is a dog’s nome too: Little Purkoy.

  15. Zoe says:

    Cecil, Dudley, Rose, Elizabeth (Lizzie)

  16. nina says:

    Jane, Alice or Frances 🙂

  17. Jamie says:

    Milo, Sacha, Owen, Yoda, Sadie, Lady, Pumpkin, Sox, Oreo, Bruce. I know a friend who named her kitty Pickles.

  18. Anki H says:

    I believe cats should have a name with the letter S (or similar) in it. All my cats had such names. My suggestions for females are: Isabeau, Isabel, Sybille, Cecily, Bess and Blanche.
    For males I suggest: Fitzroy, Sidney, Seymour, Leicester, Thomas, Cecil, Essex and Surrey.
    This was fun!

  19. Karen says:


  20. Sarah says:

    Edward IV and Elizabeth woodville

  21. Judy Hornbeck says:

    Red Rose and White Rose

  22. Kelly Scivally says:


  23. kit hale says:

    Ann and Molly. Boys, George and Thomas

  24. LadyPrincess says:

    Cute kittens!

    For one boy and one girl kitten: Francis/Francois (for king Francis 1) and Claude (King Francis’ wife)

    For two girl kittens: Anne and Mary, Lettice and Bess, or Margaret and Mary (Tudor)

  25. Jessica says:

    Aww so cute! Lizbeth or Lizzie (for Élizabeth), Kitty (for Catherine Howard) or Amy (Robsart).

  26. Leslie says:

    Aww, how cute!

    I like Anne or Purkoy (Anne’s favorite dog was named Purkoy, but I think it’s cute for a kitty too, especially if you call it “Purky” as a nickname 😉

  27. Karen Plummer says:

    For Girls:
    1. Gwenllian (for Gwenllian ferch Rhys, who was married to Ednyfed Fychan, Seneschal of the Kingdom of Gwynedd, Henry VII’s ancestor)
    2. Morfydd (for Morfydd ferch Meurig, daughter of Meurig of Gwent, wife of Goronwy, Lord of Tref-gastell )

    For Boys:
    1. Owain/Owen (for Owen Tudor)
    2. Jasper (for Jasper Tudor)

    I love Welsh names!

  28. Nancy says:

    My choice for names for the two girl kitties are Anne Boo-Lynne (I have a black cat named Anne Boo-Lynne and I call her Annie) and Tudor Rose.

  29. Tina Trowbridge says:

    Kat & Queenie

  30. Alison Nash says:

    How about – Bess, Essex, Queenie and dudley.

  31. Esther says:

    “Purkoy” is cute, especially for the kitten with the most inquisitive look. I suppose “Kat Ashley” would be too obvious (or too long). What about “Burleigh” and “Leicester” for the male kittens and perhaps, “Lady” and “Majesty” for the female ones (appropriate since both Mary and Elizabeth were “Lady” before becoming queen)

  32. Jules Wilkinson says:

    Katherine- Kitty or Kit and Dorothy-Dotty or Dot.
    My two girls are called Lucifer-Lucy/Lou Lou and
    Sir Pounce A Lot-Pounce/Pouncey

  33. Sarah says:

    I’m partial to Eleanor and Alice. Lady Jane (as in Lady Jane Grey) would be adorable, too.

  34. Ramona says:

    Boleyn and Tudor, You can call Tudor TuTu and Leyn if they are females.I think the gray tabby is a girl. The Black and white probably a boy.

  35. Carol says:

    Arabella and Lettice. I see Lettice has been offered by others, but I love the combination of the two names.

  36. Carol says:

    Arabella and Lettice. I see others have suggested Lettice, but I do love the combination of the two names.

  37. Leslie says:

    I’ve thought of a couple more 🙂

    How about Grace and Honour?

    I like Eleanor too 🙂

  38. margaret says:

    George and Thomas for the boys and duchess and queen for the girls

  39. margaret says:

    some jewel names ruby ,sapphire ,pearl for the girls and some boy cat names jet, silver .

  40. Bella says:

    Anne of Cleves’ sister was named Sybille. And there’s Juana for Katherine of Aragons sister. And I always liked Jacquetta for Elizabeth Woodvilles mother. And if you end up with a boy you can’t beat Jasper!

  41. Dawn Pinnataro says:

    Faith and Charity ( I did cheat a bit and look up ‘tudor girl names” for ideas and I think these would be sweet for girl kitties!

  42. Dawn 1st says:

    For girl kittens I suggest, Amy, as in Amy Robsart and Madge, as in Miss Shelton, or for ‘Your Madgesty’ 🙂

    For boy kittens…perhaps Ralph, as in Sir Ralph Ellerker, knighted by H.VIII and Hugh, after Sir Hugh Myddleton born in 1560, a 1st Baronet, a Tudor ‘entrepreneur’, a very interesting man, mainly remembered for a construction and engineering project to bring clean water from the River Lea.

  43. Lindy says:

    Blickling and pearlB

  44. Alexa says:

    Anne and Elizabeth

  45. margaret says:

    maybe harriet,and roseanne

  46. Sonetka says:

    Princess and Duchess (I know, I know :))

  47. Anyanka says:

    Perseverance ( cat pun related..Purrseverance) and Constancy.

  48. Beth von Staats says:

    I think of all the Tudor Era historical figures, Thomas Cardinal Wolsey was the biggest cat lover, so WOLSEY gets a nod from me for a male cat. Dudley, Percy and Cecil might also work for boys. For a female cat, I may go with something like Catalina (Katherine of Aragon’s given name), Bess, Lady or Jewels.

  49. Michelle says:

    For a little boy kitten, I think Smeaton is cute…unisex name while you are still unsure of sex, how about Hampton? For female kittens I suggest Marchioness, Ruby, Pearl and/or Petticoat (Petti for short)! 🙂

  50. Cynthia says:

    Cute Kittens: my choices are: Amy and Audrey

  51. Michelle says:

    Other lovely female kitten names would be Nan and Madge, also Frances (Francy).

    For male kittens, how about Charles (Charlie), Henry, Thomas (Tommy) or Gem?

    Some of the famous Tudor personages’ surname could also be very cute – I especially like Wyatt, Kingston, Norris and Cromwell.

    Rochford or Pembroke could also work!

  52. Anna says:

    Mary and Elizabeth

  53. Suzanne says:

    Lady Beaufort and Bess
    Male names can be Pembroke and Owen

  54. Deanna Jolly says:

    Lady Anne

  55. judithRex says:

    Etheldreda & Throckmorton.

    Imagine calling that out in the garden at
    Night without giggling.

  56. Beth Janelle Rhoades says:

    If the new additions are Tabby style kitties, Abigail and Gabriella so the nick names can be Abby Tabby and Gabby Tabby 🙂

  57. Nicole says:

    Fitzroy for a boy. Millicent, Blanche, or Agnes for a girl.

  58. Joan says:

    Lord Strange and Lord Purr-leigh for boys

    Kitty and Kat for girls ~

  59. Christine says:

    Cecily and Penelope

  60. Colleen Danyluk says:

    Grey-Stripe Kitten: Anne Boelyn
    White Kitten: Jane Seymour

  61. Colleen Danyluk says:

    Grey-Striped Kitten: Anne Boelyn
    White Kitten: Jane Seymour

  62. Colleen Danyluk says:

    I apologize for spelling Anne’s last name wrong. My fingers are fat and the keys are little. *hangs head in shame*

  63. shay maples says:

    Why not go back to the beginning? York and lanna (short for Lancaster )

  64. Stephen Pina ( Steve) says:

    They’re so sweet……………….. I say lets call them – Pence & Ruffles. It fits, don’t you think………………………………..

  65. BanditQueen says:

    Lizbette and Jane or Jasper and Thomas

  66. Debra says:

    I am thinking Rex and Regina (reggie for short)

  67. zoe says:

    Clarice and Felicity

  68. Anne says:

    Lettice and nan

  69. Anne says:

    Nan and Bess as in mother and daughter Anne B and Elizabeth 1st

  70. Lauren G. says:

    Catherine, after Henry’s first, fifth, and sixth wives (you could call her Cat for short!) and Elizabeth the Purrst.

  71. Laura says:

    Gorgeous kittens!

    Speaking up for those behind the scenes of our beloved Tudors:

    I think Ashley (after Kat Ashley) (you could go for Kat if you wanted 😀 )
    Susan (after Susan Clarencieux, Mary I’s longtime friend and attendant)


  72. Marie says:

    I would go with Purquoi, wich was the name of Anne Boleyn’s favorite dog 🙂

  73. myhrr says:

    How about Kit and Kat…gives homage to the chocolate bar, and also two very famous Tudor people!

    Failing that, Pourquoi est Amie, ou Pourquoi and LaReigne

    or LaReigne and Sans Tete

  74. Claire says:

    Thank you so much for all the ideas, I will pass them on to the judges.

  75. Judith says:

    Hatty (short for Hatfield House) & Posset?

  76. Judith says:

    Am I too late Claire?

    1. Claire says:

      You’re not too late so don’t worry.

  77. Elizabeth Brown says:

    I love the names Cecily, Lettice and Pru! Lovely

  78. Duchess & MYS…..(My Young Student)…Thomas Tallis was a music student during Tudor times, as were probably a lot of young men & women.

  79. Diane Brown says:

    Blythe and Olive ~ very unique and popular Tudor names.

  80. Anne Barnhill says:

    Oh, so many choices! How will you ever pick them? For a girl:
    queenie and princess
    for a boy, Henry and Majesty–shortened to Maj.

    Oh, can’t wait to see what you decide!

  81. Ann Gardner says:

    I would like to suggest two things that were used in Tudor cooking: Saffron and Cinnamon. Enjoy the fun of having kittens!

  82. stephen says:

    i think mary and jane are really fitting and appropriate

  83. Ali Browning says:

    Pyewacket. ( the name of a wiche’s cat from Jame’s 1st times) he he

    hmmm I think Bessie and Kitty.

  84. Wendy Ahl says:

    One should be Catherine Purr and the other should be Queenie.

  85. Kathleen Shields says:

    Anne Boleyn was called ‘Nan’ by family. Her brother was George, they seem appropriate name’s coming from The Anne Boleyn Files website.

  86. Audrey van Gent says:

    It’s obvious isn’t it?:
    Percy and Wolsey for male kittens
    Falcon and Pommegranate (Pommy if you like) for females.

    Enjoy your kittens and name choosing! This was fun!!

  87. Christina Bable says:

    Bess and Cate

  88. David says:

    How about Bess and Cathy

  89. Nicole says:

    For female kittens, you could call one KATherine Purr, and how about Gloriana for the other? I also like Judith’s suggestion of Hatty or Hattie, short for Hatfield.

  90. C.M Padget says:

    I like the name “London” but I saw someone already listed that.. But I think simply “Tudor” is a good name for either gender.

  91. Christine says:

    I like the name Kitty (pet name for Catherine) and also Lizzy (Elizabeth) 🙂

  92. Suz says:

    I was thinking Tu and Dor. Can be for male or female kittens

  93. Terri says:

    Anne and Mary…….the Boleyn sisters!

  94. Mary Ann says:

    How about Francesca for one of Catherine of Aragon’s ladies when she arrived in England (Francesca de Caceres) for one of the kittens and Catalina (Catherine of Aragon’s Spanish name) for the other kitten.

    Culpepper and Dereham are possible names if they happen to be male kittens, kind of a remembrance or memorial for the two unfortunate men that were executed with poor little Catherine Howard.

  95. Deborah Montuori says:

    I shall go Shakespearean:


  96. Lisa H says:

    Pembroke and Jasper
    Blickling and Hever

    Or how about Owain Tudor’s parents, Meredith and Margaret?

    Enjoy your new little ones. We wouldn’t trade our boys for the world. Well, maybe when they are racing round the house at 4 a.m.!

  97. Christina Wallwork says:

    Castile and Aragon!

  98. Valerie says:

    My favourite names for girl kittens are Isabella, Henrietta, Joan and Agnes.
    For boys I like Cromwell, Tallis (after Thomas Tallis), James and Edward.

  99. Suzy Parker says:

    Hi, how about just “Tudor”? My mother chose this as my brothers middle name. It’s unusual in itself as a name but very fitting for a kitty owned by you. 🙂

  100. Krisi says:

    Because they will hate each other and then be friends, then hate each other, then be friends, my name vote is Francie (France) for one, and Bri (Britain) for the other.

  101. Eleanor &Joanne for the gorgeous girls & Perkin & Louis for the handsome boys.Hope you,Husband & beautiful kiddies are all okay. Many thanks for updates.Best wishesPam & Steve Sweeneyx

  102. Ceri C says:

    Falcon and Phoenix.
    Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour’s badges.
    Lovely unisex names for kittens.

  103. Emily S. says:

    Girls: Margaret (Meg, Maggie, Peggy, or Peg) and Elizabeth ( Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Bess) Boys: Owen and Henry – in other words, keep it simple, and keep to the heart of the matter.

  104. Susan says:

    Kitten names
    Tudor and Boleyn

  105. Melissa says:

    My 2 suggestions are Lettice and Levina:)

  106. Anira says:

    Kitty and Katty for all the Katherines!

    Hope I’m not too late…

  107. Brandi Brown says:

    I like Humble & Loyal after Catherine of Aragon’s motto or one of the names used in the Shrove Tuesday “Chateau Vert” play: Beauty, Perserverance, kindness, Constance, Bounty, Mercy, and Pity. (Left honor out since I used it in my first suggestion)

  108. aurora m says:

    Getting in under the wire with my dear sweet girl names…. ready? Here goes! Magdalen (means: From the tower.) & Sindony (means: Fine)

  109. Christine says:

    Claire can you enter as many times as you like?

  110. Christine says:

    Sorry jus realised it’s closed now.

  111. Jenny says:

    Not sure if its been said before but if you get a boy and girl you could call them Kitty and Howard.

    Boys: Robert (Robbie) and Dudley or Walter (Walt) and Raleigh

    Girls: Glory and Anna (Gloriana) or Eliza and Beth (Elizabeth)

  112. Rubi Lynn says:


  113. Andie says:

    If you want an odd Tudor name you could go with Parnell for the tabby style (it means rock or stone) and Sindony for a white one (means fine linen, silk).

    For a more common (among the top ten Tudor girls names,) Annis (which is #10) and Alis (which is another spelling of Alice and is #7 on the list.)

  114. Kathleen says:

    How about Bess, as it was the normal stortning of Elizabeth in Tudor times.

  115. Wendy Jill says:

    Porquoi and/ or porquoi pas after Anne’s favorite little dog Purkoy. Or Porquoi and Parceque. It’s cute for a pair of male or female kittens!

  116. Helen H. says:

    Ashley and Courtney or Marlowe, Heather, Heverly (for Hever)
    Hampton and Arthur or Yorkie or Shakespeare

  117. Danielle says:

    Lady Sybil and Lady Charlotte

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