Name the Kittens Competition Results

Posted By on September 15, 2014

Majesty and Portia kittensThank you to all those who entered the Name the Kittens competition. Christian, Verity and Joel could not believe how many names you came up with and it made the judging very tricky.

After going through the list a few times, the two names they agreed upon were Majesty and Portia, so congratulations to Esther, the first person to mention “Majesty”, and Deborah Montuori for coming up with Portia. Esther and Deborah both win a copy of Toni Mount’s Everyday Life in Medieval London.

Our kittens are both female and Majesty is tabby in her colouring and Portia is a mix of white and tabby. They are both settling in well and are bundles of fun.

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Other News

I’ve just added this week’s quiz to the Tudor Society for members to enjoy and September’s magazine and talk are live on the site. Go to to log in or find out more about the Society.

10 thoughts on “Name the Kittens Competition Results”

  1. Lisa Garber says:

    Adorable furkids! Great names. Hope to see lots of photos as they grow up.

  2. Globerose says:

    Welcome Madge and Paws! I’ve got a Pickles and a Pummella (so called for her constant needing action) often known as Iggle Pickle and Pum-Pum! Handle your kittens as often as you can. Sure you don’t need telling! What fun !

  3. Christine says:

    Congratulations to the winners the kittens are adorable iv got four cats and I luv them to death, Portia looks like my Tilly she’s also tabby and white and she was 12 weeks when I got her, in the photo they look like their eating a pancake. So cute enjoy!

  4. Lisa says:

    fhey are very cute. We just got 2 kittens about 10 days ago they are 7 weeks old. they are adorable but they are using my husbands legs as ladders to get up into his lap when he’s on the computer – he’s got scratches up/down his legs. I just keep saying – but they’re just babies they don’t know any better 🙂

  5. Dawn 1st says:

    What a pair of sweeties…lovely big eyes, sadly I am allergic to pussy cats…achoo!!!

  6. LuAnn Sleeper says:

    I would name her Boleyn and Seymour.

  7. Banditqueen says:

    Lovely kitties, great names. Lost our prissy of 17 years last year, peaceful asleep after a sudden decline, but hungry, loving, affectionate, and quite lively to the end. She was nearly two when we adopted her and was found with two litters of kittens. Snoopy was a lively but dependent pussy, very fussy, only the best for Snoopy. I hope have much time and fun with your new cats. They look adorable.

  8. Clever – much better than my ideas:)

  9. Deanna says:

    Little sweeties!

  10. Barbara Devereux says:

    Hiya, I would have suggested Purkoy or Porquoi and Urian – they were the names of Queen Anne Boleyn’s dogs. I too have a couple of cats, Dexter and Momo and I love them to bits.

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