Tudor Life November Magazine Out Now!

cover_tudor_life_nov_2015Death, death and more death… Yes, in the Tudor period, early November with the Feast of All Souls and the slaughter of Martinmas was rather death orientated. It seems fitting that November’s issue of Tudor Life is dedicated to this subject.

This month’s 86 page issue includes:

  • The Macabre Dance by Ruth Cowden
  • The Life and Death of George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham by Dominic Pearce
  • The Death and Funerary Rites of Elizabeth of York by Lauren Browne
  • Macabre Iconography by Melanie V. Taylor
  • English Tudor Era Execution Methods by Beth von Staats
  • The Once and Future Prince, Arthur Tudor, by Olga Hughes
  • The Death and Survival of Edward II by Kathryn Warner
  • The Crown: The Tudors, the Windsors and the silver screen by Gareth Russell
  • Melancholic Music by Jane Moulder

along with the usual puzzle/quiz, Tudor place and Feast Days.

It’s a great read and you can read a teaser/taster of it over at the Tudor Society – click here.

We have two expert talks in November over at the Tudor Society – Part Two of Susan Fern’s talk on Rhys ap Thomas, the man who is believed to have killed Richard III, and Tudor music expert Jane Moulder on Tudor music. Plus my weekly Claire Chats videos – phew!

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