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Nov8,2016 #Tudor resources

trump_clinton_boleynI’m not in the US and I’m not American but it’s hard to get away from what’s happening today.

My social media feeds are full of videos, posts, news articles – you name it! – about the election. I feel like hibernating today and perhaps I will.

Obviously, some of you will be wanting to follow it all, but for those of you who don’t, I thought I’d make a list of things to keep you occupied.

Here you go!

  • The Anne Boleyn Files archives – As I write this, there are over 2,300 posts and over 870 pages on the Anne Boleyn Files for you to enjoy. You can browse “Recent Posts” in the left-hand side menu, the “Categories” section which is also in the left-hand side menu, all the sections on the top menu and also search for specific topics using the Google search box in the right-hand side menu. That will keep you busy!
  • Anne Boleyn Day – All of the videos that MadeGlobal Publishing made for Anne Boleyn Day 2016 (19 May) are available on YouTube. Click here to work your way through the playlist which consists of 19 Anne Boleyn themed videos.
  • Tudor Cooking with Claire – I regularly make “Tudor Cooking with Claire” videos which involve me cooking from Tudor or medieval recipes. Click here to view those now.
  • George Boleyn Interviews – Back in 2014, Clare Cherry and I made a series of videos in which we discussed our research into the life and times of George Boleyn, brother of Anne Boleyn. There are 9 of these videos and you can click here to view them now.
  • Anne Boleyn Files YouTube Channel – There are various other videos on the AB Files YouTube channel too.
  • Tudor Society and Tudor Life magazine – Our sister site The Tudor Society has over 1,000 articles, 111 weekly video talks, 27 expert talks from historians and authors, 106+ hours of video, 120 quizzes and 27 magazines to enjoy if you’re a Tudor Society member – see Or, you can enjoy the monthly magazine with a magazine-only subscription. If you scroll down the page at, the May 2015 issue, which is all about Anne Boleyn, is available free to read. Something to get stuck into today!
  • Tudor history books – Grab a hot chocolate/coffee/wine/whisky/coke (delete as appropriate), a blanket and a good book and forget about the rest of the world. My books aren’t too bad (I’m so cheeky!) but there are sooooo many Tudor history-themed books out there, from non-fiction and biographies, to historical thrillers, romances and time-travel novels. With techy solutions like the free kindle reading app for phones, tablets, PCs etc. you can find a book and start reading it in seconds.
  • Shop! – A little bit of retail therapy may be called for today. Obviously we have the Anne Boleyn Files shop full of Tudor-themed goodies here for you to browse, but there are obviously many online shops for you to browse or why not get out of the house and go shopping?
  • Tudor attractions, museums, galleries… – Depending on what country you’re in, and on seasonal opening times etc., you could immerse yourself in history by visiting an historical attraction or museum.

Do feel free to share any other ideas you may have to keep busy today. Hopefully one or two of those will help keep you sane today. Me? Well, I’m researching, that will keep me nice and busy. Have fun whatever you’re doing today.

P.S. Please don’t vote for Anne Boleyn today as your vote may not count.

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