Tilney Family Genealogical Scroll

Sep11,2012 #Boleyn family
Photo by Matthew Usher from Ely Standard

Thank you so much to Chris Wimsett for letting me know about this news report about an ancient scroll which charts seven centuries of Tilney (or Tylney) family history.

This scroll, which is set to go on display in Tilney All Saints Church in Norfolk, records the Tilney family from 1097 to 1740 and was found by Tilney All Saints Local History Group in the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich. What a find!

The scroll is going to be unveiled at 2.30pm on 26th September when a talk will be given on the history of the scroll by county archivist Dr John Alban.

You can see photos of the scroll at http://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/the_incredible_tilney_scroll_1_1510714?storyId=1.1510715.1347270671. You can also read the full news report at Ancient scroll charts seven centuries of family history in part of Fenland

Why am I telling you this?

Well, Anne Boleyn’s maternal grandmother was Elizabeth Tilney, only child of Sir Frederick Tilney, of Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, so the Tilney family are Anne’s ancestors, and of course also Elizabeth I’s ancestors.

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16 thoughts on “Tilney Family Genealogical Scroll”
  1. Errr . . . . Anne and Elizabeth’s ancestors, rather than descendants.

    I have always found it genealogically fascinating that Elizabeth Tilney’s half-sister, Anne Say, was Jane Seymour’s grandmother. How well did those two, whose mothers were first cousins, know each other, before Henry VIII took successive fancies to them.? And Elizabeth I had the same mitochondrial DNA as her half-brother, Edward VI.

  2. WoW! This is amazing news. Since I’m a genealogy nut and have spent considerable time tracing royal family trees on my computer for a long while, I’ll be following this story with considerable interest!

    1. Hey aunty Gill.. long time.. I hope you’re well and in good health during these mad times.. how are Gary and Tina and their children? All well and good, I hope..

  3. From what I heard my great granddad Maurice Tilney attended the events and was flocked with attention. Apparently I’m a direct descendant of Elizabeth Tilney (grandma’s side) and Issac Newton (grandpa’s side).

  4. My mum is a Tilney and I’d love to know more. I live near herstmonceux castle which I believe was where anne bouchier lived daughter of Elizabeth Tilney.

  5. I am also a Tilney. My grandfather came from the Kings Lynn area. Not sure how I’m related to Elizabeth Tilney.Love to see the scroll.

  6. My name is Stephen Michael Tilney I live in Norwich Norfolk I am 60 years old. My father often spoke of Portsmouth I have a sister and brother Jackie and Richard our parents are Michael and Grace Tilney when we visited my grand parents /uncles aunts/ cousins they lived in Wisbech I can remember them visits. In my parents ford Anglia car all back roads then. But I can always remember that road sign Tilney st Lawrence. I thought nearly there thank god but Also felt some of some importance. My claim to fame.

    1. I think I remember you, Steven, from when I was a little kid.. you remember my grandad Maurice?

      There’s a weirdo claiming to be king, his name is Joseph Gregory Hallet and he’s claiming to be from our family bloodline. He’s a total fraud and I wish somebody would shut him up tbh..

  7. Hey aunty Gill.. long time.. I hope you’re well and in good health during these mad times.. how are Gary and Tina and their children? All well and good, I hope..

  8. Fascinating – glad I stumbled across this. I am a friend of the Harpsichordist Colin Tilney. Now 88 years old and still going strong ! He has often wondered if his Tilney line is at all connected to Elizabeth Tilney. Unfortunately he only knows as far back as his Grandparents. In the scroll what is the name of the most recent Tilney? Again what an interesting thread !

  9. Thru my grandfather Robert Royce, who came to Connecticut in 1634 from Ipswich, i am a descendent of Elizabeth Howard, Duchess of Norfolk

  10. Amazed by these comments, as I have just about completed the family history of the Tilneys of Wisbech. My Grand Father Harry Tilney was Michael Tilneys father. Maurice Tilneys side I have up to today. I have the name Tilney from pre 1066, and it is where the family name was adopted by Lord Frodo (Fredericus) who worked for Edward the Confessor. Feel free to contact me, or join the “Tilneys” FB page. BTW The Tilneys of Wisbech originate in Norfolk villages around/near Norwich. I am stuck at 1625 .

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