The Winner - Tara as Anne Boleyn
The Winner - Tara as Anne Boleyn

Tara Mendez!

Congratulations, Tara, on winning The Anne Boleyn Files Halloween Competition 2009! Tara wins a signed copy of “Virgin and the Crab” by Robert Parry and all entrants win 10% discount coupons. Well done everyone!

Tara dressed as Anne Boleyn and wore “The Tudors” Anne Boleyn gown, the Pearl Crystal Headband, the Heart Masque Earrings and Custom B Necklace – she looks fabulous don’t you think?

The costume photos were judged by 7 judges and all of the judges mentioned on how difficult they found choosing between the entries. Everyone made a real effort with their costumes and deserves a round of applause – clap, clap, clap, clap, clap…

I’m so glad that so many people were going as Anne Boleyn and using this opportunity to educate people about Anne. I know that Michelle had someone ask “Anne who?” and Amy wore a sixth finger to purposely start conversations about the six finger myth, so well done ladies!

You will find the photos of all 8 entries – Amy, Danielle, Floyd, Gemma, Jessica, Michelle, Pamela, Sarah and Tara – at the bottom of this post, simply click on the photos to enlarge.

More News

The Anne Boleyn Files has just pledged to raise £500 for the Mary Rose 500 Appeal, an appeal to raise money to finish the building of the new Mary Rose museum to house Henry VIII’s favourite ship and all of the precious Tudor artefacts that were found with the wreck.

As a Tudor website, I really wanted to support this appeal so Daniela is busy designing a Mary Rose range of jewellery, where all profits will go straight to the appeal, and from tomorrow onwards I will be starting a fitness and diet regime and inviting people to support me in denying myself cakes and cookies by donating to this worthy cause. Click here to visit the special Anne Boleyn Files fundraising page or click on the Just Giving banner below to donate – Thank you!

I will be writing about the Mary Rose later this week and sharing photos of the ship and the artefacts that will be displayed in the new museum. Watch this space!

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8 thoughts on “The Winner Is…”
  1. Tara you are a beautiful young Lady Anne Boleyn! I love your dress! I want one like this! lol I clap my hands for the others too, I like the other costumes.

  2. I must say I am truly impressed by everyone’s costumes! they are all wonderful! The commitment to the whole look is amazing!
    Way to go everyone who participated! I I am so impressed! BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad I was not a judge!

  3. Yes,the dresses are great! I’m so unhappy,I can’t buy dresses like that in Germany,especially when I think of “The Tudors”-dresses and I love these dresses and the seasons with the great and beautiful Natalie playing Anne.
    But the dresses of the competition great ,too ! I love them! Really great work,all of you^^
    greetings from Germany ,
    Sophie ♥

  4. Welcome to The Anne Boleyn Files, Sophie! I love the costumes too – i think my favourite is the red one that Natalie Dormer wore in the Christmas episode, it was a deep red and was stunning, I wish!

    Jessica, you looked brilliant too, well done!

    Gina, I agree, everyone made such an effort and that’s why I got 6 other judges to help me – I didn’t want the responsibility!!

  5. Congratulations Tara! Your costume is great! And to all the other ladies I love you costumes as well! Everyone looks so beautiful!

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