Many of you have been emailing me in frustration about the fact that “The Tudors” Series 4 is not part of the BBC’s Autumn line-up, asking me if I know when it will be aired in the UK. I share your frustration! It is crazy that it was on in the USA in the Spring and that it comes out on DVD there next month and yet, in the country that Henry VIII ruled over, the land of the Tudors, we are left twiddling our thumbs!

I emailed the BBC a few months ago and they had no idea when they would be airing it and I emailed the BBC again today and got the following reply:-

Dear Claire

Many thanks for getting in touch.

I know it must be very frustrating for the viewers and fans of the
Tudors, however I’m afraid a decision as to the transmission date of
series 4 of the Tudors has yet to be made.

Kind regards

Front Desk Publicity, BBC

Grrrr! Perhaps we all need to complain to the BBC so they know how many people want this series aired. To complain to the BBC, you can go to

The Tudors Season 4 DVD

You lucky, lucky people in the US can also get your hands on the DVD of The Tudors Season 4 very soon! The Tudors: The Final Season is due for release on 12th October 2010 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon – click here for details. If you’re not in the US but have a multi-region DVD player then ordering the DVD from the States may be the way to go to get your The Tudors fix.

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28 thoughts on “The Tudors Season 4 UK Date Still Unknown”
  1. well done Claire for highlighting this – I have emailed the BBC twice but am now at the point where a friend has downloaded a high quality version that I am going to begin soon! I’ve waited patiently but your email this morning from them has been the last straw, it’s so disrespectful to ppl who have followed the series and pay their license fee. If the BBC ever dare moan about people who watch things via download rather than ‘legitimately’ I’ll swing for them!!

  2. I’ve emailed the BBC too, as it isn’t even mentioned in their FAQs along with Merlin and Sherlock. Hopefully if a lot of people complain then they’ll just add it in seeing as they only plan their schedules a week in advance, apparently!

  3. I am very sad to hear that the release date has not been made known , it was such a wonderful ending to a great series. I hope you to can soon reveal in it’s glory . I hated to see it come to a close .

  4. Hello claire I am Elizabeth from mexico i am a big fan of this website because i love tudor history i hope soon to take the anne boleyn experience 2011 or 2012 ,I already saw the fourth complete season enclosed with subtitles in Spanish!!!! I downloaded a high quality version because I could not wait a minute more….if you want i can send you the episodes … I Buy all the previous seasons in originally…there is no crime in seeing it for Internet if it is bought later…. 🙂

  5. I have a friend who works at the BBC – I’ll email and see if she knows anything, or a way to efficiently push the BBC into doing something!

  6. Hello Claire

    Thank you so much for trying to find out the broadcast date for The Tudors Season 4. I rang The Radio Times last week and they told me that they did not have a start date for the programme. I think it is disgusting that not only are they keeping us waiting so long, they cannot even tell us when it will be televised. Canada have had a long wait but they were told sometime ago exactly when in September the programme would be broadcast. The BBC cannot even give us that much information.

  7. Well I live in the States and still didn’t get to watch it when it aired because I didn’t have cable, so i paid a $10 fee and watched the whole series in HD on

    maybe you guys in the UK can do the same?

  8. The season 4 soundtrack is also released on Oct. 12th, or around that time. Just saying, and I hope you guys in the UK can watch the final season soon!

  9. Have sent them this complaint

    It is very frustrating that the USA has now seen Season 4 of the Tudors and very soon it will be on DVD release there. I also understand that other countries have now seen The Tudors Season 4, including Ireland
    Why isnt it being shown in the UK, it is about our heritage afterall and it is very disrespectful to the many fans of the show
    Why is it taking so long to air over here? What is it with this waiting?
    Please BBC get your act together, otherwise i will have no other option but to either buy the DVD set off Amazon or Ebay or try downloading from the Internet

    Yours sincerely

    Sarah Rooke

  10. Sadly we in the U.S. don’t have it as easily as it seems. If we don’t buy a premium cable or satellite service, and then a subscription to Showtime, we don’t see it either! Not legally anyways….

  11. I totally don’t get the BBC and this waiting game. Why not show it the same time as in the U.S.? Making people wait like this makes no sense! Will the DVD that I buy in the U.S. work on DVD players in England? If you buy it and don’t make copies to sell there is no violation of copyright. I actually saw the show on You Tube because someone was clever and hid the name under different titles.

  12. I have been over to look at The Tudors IMDb board and there is something posted there that says a lot of people have received emails from The BBC telling them that the programme will not be broadcast until May 2011. I really hope that this is incorrect because if not then it is appalling. I sent the BBC an email but have not had a reply yet. Ironically when there was a mistake in The T.V Times earlier this year and they printed a start date for May I joked that perhaps they meant May 2011 – I never thought that I might actually have been right.

  13. I too have sent a complaint!!! We have been kept waiting far too long!!!
    Considering we live in the country King Henry ruled over we should get first look!!! Why should the States get there first??? Just because they have no history of their own!!

  14. George Washington, Abe Lincoln, The Revolutionary War, Civil War, Pearl Harbor, Hollywood, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe… You’re right we have no history of our own. Well said.

  15. QueneAmy, Sorry to break the news to you but there is no connection between U.S. history and what you can watch on tv. What you can watch depends on how much you want to pay or if you are willing to find another method, like you tube. I do not want to pay for all those extra channels because I don’t like most of their shows. I think Showtime and the BBC may have an agreement over when a series is aired if both are involved in the production.

  16. i am not in the uk but i sent a email for you anyways because i want you guys across to pond to see this it rocks !good luck!

  17. But why are they ending the season???? they still have Edward and Mary and the great Elizabeth to go–so many wonderful stories and they will miss them! They could have like, ten more seasons!

  18. Ah, but they wrote out so many characters, Anne, that I don’t think they could carry on. No Lady Jane Grey because Charles Brandon and the funny character who was part Mary part Margaret didn’t seem to have a daughter, Frances Brandon. No Mary Queen of Scots or James VI of Scotland because there was no Margaret Tudor, although amazingly, Henry was supposed to meet James in York in Season 4! I suppose they could get round all this though.

  19. Hello Fellow Tudors watchers,
    Like all of you I am dying to see season 4 because i have had an obsession with Henry and Anne B for a looooong time and going to the tower this year and st Peter was a lifetime acheivement for me and one i will never forget, i’d love to go on the 19th May to see how Anne’s execution is rememberd and marked.It was without doubt worth making a whole day to see the tower and there was a re enactment with actors in tudor costume of Anne’s trial and execution.
    Please can someone tell me how to email the BBC and i would love to email them aswell to let them know how many websites are out there for the many many fans of this fab series.My own opnion is that i think they might show it at Christmas to compete with all the rubbish on the other channels!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cant wait to see the dialogue with Henry and his wronged wives and wish it was a much longer conversation with all 3 of them, god knows they all had something to complain about Henry’s treatment of them.

    Come back soon Henry – we need you!!!

    Claire A 🙂

  20. Hello Fellow Tudor Lovers

    I have just received an Email from The BBC regarding Season 4 of The Tudors. They say that whilst they still do not know the exact transmission date for Season 4 it should be early in 2011. I am quite disappointed – let us hope that it is not as late as May 2011 – the date that was being mentioned on The Tudors IMDb board. I think is is really bad that they have shown the first three seasons on a yearly basis and have then failed us when the programme reaches its final chapter.

  21. Hi there

    I have received the following response after complaining to the BBC – not very helpful, is it?

    Dear Miss Rooke
    Thanks for contacting us regarding the starting date of Season 4 of ‘The Tudors’.

    While transmission details are yet to be confirmed, Season 4 of ‘The Tudors’ is due to be broadcast in early 2011.

    Please be assured I have also registered your comments on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that’s circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

    Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

    Kind Regards
    BBC Audience Services

  22. Hi just thought you would all like to know I sent a complaint to the BBC however looking on their frequently asked questions page there is a link saying ‘when will season 4 of the Tudors be broadcast’ and their answer to this question is early 2011 which I’m really upset and disgusted with tbh! How can they do this!! So I think they have finally answered our complaints not that the outcome is what we wanted :/

  23. Hi Tudor fans!! I’m also most unhappy about the delays in season 4 too and I have emailed what’s on tv magazine (have ur say) back page of mag,as thr sources are 100% but I also am setting up a twitter Aire Tudors in 2010 uk to get as many people to follow with thr argument for BBC and try and get BBC to move the show forward ( as thr able to as they move shows around all the time) I’m sure as a large group of unhappy BBC viewers is better than the odd email coming through to BBC so lz follow me on twitter and let’s show BBC mean business or as Henry would say” I don’t like to be disappointed ” xxxx thanx mishelle :0) xxxxx

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