The Tudors Season 4 UK Update – Spring 2011

Sep23,2010 #The Tudors Season 4

Two “The Tudors” fans have both contacted me today after receiving emails from the BBC. Here is the one that Anne Boleyn Files visitor, Sarah, received today and it’s backed up by one that Carol, another AB Files visitor received:-

“Thanks for contacting us regarding the starting date of Season 4 of “The Tudors”.

While transmission details are yet to be confirmed, Season 4 of “The Tudors” is due to be broadcast in early 2011.

Please be assured I have also registered your comments on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that’s circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers.

Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards
BBC Audience Services”

Spring 2011! Practically a year after the season was aired in the USA! Grrr! Very annoying for fans, but the good news is that the BBC are going to be airing it. I guess that we should count out blessings!

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30 thoughts on “The Tudors Season 4 UK Update – Spring 2011”
  1. It just started to air here in Canada this Wednesday. It seems a bit ridiculous that the place where the actual history took place, has to wait that long to see it. It should have been worked out by now.

  2. Oh, my God! We watched the season 4 here in Brazil by internet and now (October, I guess), we’ll have it on TV. I can’t believe that in UK you must wait so much.

  3. It’s the same in Sweden – spring 2011. Don’t know why. Season 3 was shown in late spring 2010. But if the UK dosn’t broadcast it before Sweden, then I guess there won’t be any dvd-boxes either. Had hoped to get it for christmas, but can’t watch region 1.

  4. Dang, you all over there in the UK shouldn’t have to wait so long. You should get it at the same time or within just two or three months as us over here in the US!

  5. What a shame that in England, land of Henry VIII, you have to wait so long for the final season. We here in the states have seen it and now we are wishing there was more.
    We don’t have anything to look forward to any more. We’re going through withdrawal.

  6. I know it’s not the same, but there are a ton of clips from season 4 on YouTube in case anyone wants to check them out.

  7. hi,
    i’m in the US and have already seen season four of tudors good but not the amazing woow to go out with i wish they would have ampt it up a little but anyway i found it great to watch i’m very big tudors fan an i have ordered a necklace from this site an it looked just like the one anne wore its amazing work thank you to daniela and carol the maker and web owners.
    anyway back to the season if you would like to watch it early our stores such as walmart an target and are selling it and will release october 15,2010 just a few weeks away i preordered mine an it will be here on the release date i’m so excited to complete my tudors collection. goodluck to all hope the web sites help oh and you can also go to to veiw epiosdes from season 4 its were it was broadcast in the states good luck to all

  8. The BBC should be made to explain why there is such a long delay. Is this a government run station? They should have to show their agreement with Showtme so the people who support it can know what they are doing.

  9. I agree with Lisaanne Jane, The BBC should explain why we are having to wait so long for Season 4. On my email they just said it would be shown early next year. What their definition of early is could be anyone’s guess.

  10. 2011!!! How pathetic of the BBC. Maybe we should all complain about it. I know that it will make zero difference but still…

  11. I agree with Gemma; sick of waiting so I downloaded, on episode 2 at the moment and it’s great, esp. as a long-time Lady Rochford fan!

  12. Well i’m glad someone has heard back from the BBC because I haven’t yet and i’ve complained several times about the air date for the tudors.

    I thank heavens i’ve already seen the damn series online and i’m frankly considering buying the region 1 dvd now that i have a dvd player capable of playing them.

    As much as i love the BBC for some of it’s programs i’ve got just three words to say

    “F*** the BBC”

    Who’s with me?

    1. I think your right Amy…it’s an absolute disgrace that we have to wait so long without even an explanation or screening date..I heard it’s now going to be Summer/Autumn 2011 for the screening of season 4!!!!!!

      1. Well i got tired of waiting and i bought the dvd from the USA, which by the way only cost me £25 (ish) including shipping.

        I used, and i selected their $9.99 shipping option (i think it it was called expedited international shipping)

        Also if you dont have a dvd player capable of playing region 1 dvd’s, i got mine from Asda, it was their own brand and it only cost £20, a handy little investment.

        1. Sadly it seems asda no longer have the dvd player i mentioned in stock (online anyway)

          But maybe it might be in stock in your local store 🙂 Good luck peeps

  13. It is annoying to have to wait for so long! It would be good if the BBC would explain why we have to wait until Spring 2011. In the meantime I will be re-watching Seasons 1-3, TOBG and reading as many Tudor fiction/non-fiction books as I can get my hands on!

  14. Thank you for all your comments ref to The Tudors. I think that it is wrong that we have to wait so long to watch series 4 when we have to put up with the BBC EastEnders crap!! I look forward to seeing the new series in Spring 2011 so do not spoil it for us!! Although that I must say my hubby is a much more better King Henry VIII look a like!!!

  15. I have been waiting sooooo long for news on this and now Im gutted that we have to wait so long.

    Seems a little ridiculas that weve had to wait so long inbetween these series this time – Im sure we didnt have to wait so long on the last 2 gaps!!

    Being honest if your not so much of an avid Tudors fan as we all are, I could imagine that people have gone off the boil a bit. So really the BBC have missed a trick, the ratings may be lower, which wont inspire them to show any other tudor inspired shows!
    Oh rant over now!!
    Well its another reason to wish this cold winter away!

  16. I think it’s an absolute disgrace that Britain is the last to see The Tudors Season 4..surely we should be one of the first..OUR KING OUR HISTORY..why oh why are we waiting so long to see the final chapter..and the BBC haven’t even given us a date for the screening yet? Most of the countries around the world have already seen it…yes I know you can see clips on You Tube..but it’s not the same..I don’t understand why we have to wait so long….

        1. Thank you so much, Chris, I looked at the FAQ page on Wednesday and it was still saying “Early 2011” so that’s great news.

  17. OMG, I can’t believe it!!! In my country the cable has no
    respect about airing the series on date but I’ve seen The Tudors 4.
    It finishes on December. I wish with all my heart that the same
    producer could continue the series by playing the lives of Edward,
    Mary and Elizabeth. It could be amazing!!!! I do love the series
    The Tudors and I love Natalie Dorman playing Ann Boleyn. All my
    true love and admiration for you Claire and thousands of thanks for
    making this site possible. I haven’t been able of taking my eyes
    from this website since I’ve found it three days ago.

  18. I love the tudors. I’m wondering exactly when its coming back. So it’s gonna be aired on BBC> That’s cool

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