The Tudors Season 4 on BBC UK This Month – January 2011


Yes, you read it right, The Tudors Season 4 is finally coming on to UK television this month!

When I looked on the BBC website on Wednesday it said that the series would be aired “early 2011” but it has just been updated to January 2011, although transmission details have not been given yet – see Thanks to Anne Boleyn Files visitor, Chris, for spotting this and alerting me.

I know many Brits were frustrated because the USA got the final season in April and some European countries have aired it too, and many of us were beginning to think that it would never be aired, but we haven’t got long to wait! Hurrah!

I’ll let you know when the BBC release further details and please email me at if you spot it before I do.

Here’s the trailer:-

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15 thoughts on “The Tudors Season 4 on BBC UK This Month – January 2011”
  1. I don’t know why they don’t continue this series–on to Edward, Mary and Elizabeth–they should not have stopped with Henry–there are many more great stories to tell!! But enjoy it, I hope. Maybe they will continue???

    1. I would say that they can’t carry on because they’ve written so many characters out, but it didn’t stop Henry going to York to meet his nephew James V who couldn’t have existed in the show because Princess Margaret never went to Scotland to marry James IV! He he!

  2. I think that they should continue on as well! I doubt that
    Michael Hirst will continue though as he helped with Elizabeth and
    Elizabeth Golden Age movies. I wish that he would write about
    Edward and Mary and Elizabeth though. Could even go on with Jane
    Grey with Mary. When was the last story done on Jane Grey and
    Edward and Mary?? I think the only recent movies or TV series has
    been about Elizabeth (for obvious reasons as she was the greatest
    of them all).

  3. I’m glad for the British fans! I have watched the 4th
    season online and it’s a great epilogue to the series.

  4. I am glad you finally get to see this. Of course the series
    has taken many liberties with history and I am sure Claire, that
    you and many visitors of this site will find a lot more than I did.
    But it is entertaining and surprisingly moving at times.

  5. there is so many things that aren’t historically accurate
    in this, surely a few more wives for Henry won’t hurt? means we
    will get to see more of jonathan 🙂

  6. Series 4 was the only one I watched all the way through. we
    got it in October/November 2010 here in Canada. I must get round to
    watching the earlier series.

  7. YEY! This is the best news I’ve had all year!

    Very excited, although I though season 3 was not as good as the first two, the fourth looks AMAZING!

    Thank you!

  8. Thanks Glaire, great news – I am so delighted that at long last we have The Tudors Season 4 to look forward to here in the United Kingdom. I can’t wait.

  9. I also think it is a waist that they did not continue with the series. I know that the writers said to look to the Elizabeth movies, but to me that is not the whole story, I would love a movie/ serie about the reign of Edward VI, Jane Grey and Mary I. Nobody has done that. Mary is only for ten minutes in the Elizabeth movie. I think there is more to tell about them.

    Enjoy season 4, it is great, here in holland they are rerunning the entire serie, every sunday 3 episodes. I can not wait to get season 4 on bluray, my wish is that holland will get the beautifull box the US has in stock. I would buy it emediately.

    The Netherlands

  10. Hello Fello tudor lovers and happy new year!

    Just wanted to say that I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO chuffed to bits that we nearly have a date when we can expect to see our Henry again. I am buying a bottle of wine and locking the doors and taking the phone off the hook in anticipation he he!!
    Whooopp whoopppp cant wait t see thisseason although as some other people have said season 3 was good but without the fire of Anne Boleyn i think it kinda lost something.
    Welcome back Henry we have missed you. Really.
    Enjoy everybody!!

    Claire x

  11. Absolutely LOVED the last season. It was very emotional, especially the ending–mainly because of the knowledge that there won’t be anymore Tudors. Despite it’s inaccuracies and stuff, I LOVED this series. I definitely enjoyed the first two seasons and was a little disappointed with the third season, but the fourth made up for that. I hope everyone enjoys watching it for the first time!! As for me, I’m of course doing my own Tudors marathons. Currently on Season 2, episode 3. It’s a good escape and I watch it usually on Tuesday nights, while the husband is “super busy” playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with his friends from college…it’s their weekly catching up haha 🙂 …a glass or two of wine…The Tudors…snuggled with my dog in bed…couldn’t be any better!! 🙂

    I am looking forward to Showtimes new series, The Borgias, coming out in the Spring here in US. Never really heard about them, but interested to learn more–especially after seeing some sneak previews and reading stuff on the internet. Anyway, ENJOY the last season everyone!! Hope everyone likes it like I did 🙂

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