The Tudors Season 4 – Saturday 22nd January 9.45pm

The BBC have just announced that the first episode of The Tudors Season 4 will be aired at 9.45pm on Saturday 22nd January. I assume that it will be on BBC 2, although their FAQ page does not specify which BBC channel.


This is brilliant news for UK fans who have been so frustrated by the delay in airing it in the UK. For those of you in the UK who want the Season 4 DVD, you can pre-order a Region 2 Europe copy of Season 4 at, Amazon’s German site. It’s released on the 10th February and is in both German and English.

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12 thoughts on “The Tudors Season 4 – Saturday 22nd January 9.45pm”
    1. Well i think it’s gotta be BBC Two for two reasons, one
      it’s always been on BBC Two, and two, Casualty/come fly with me is
      on about then on saturday nights right now on BBC One. So roll on
      ten days time, and this is gonna perks up my saturday nights for a
      couple of months 🙂

  1. You guys are lucky. Australia is just getting Season 1 out here!! hahaha. Well, we had to get it eventually. Too bad for the network that I already own all the DVDs.

  2. Wow. Only now uk is getting season 4? Well thats not fair, considring its their history lol. Anyway my UK brothers and sisters, enjoy it, its a great season.

  3. *UPDATE*

    Good news everyone, i’ve just checked the tv guide on Sky + this afternoon and not only am i watching this season in glorious HD, the BBC is giving the season it’s full ten week run instead of the six week run it got for season three.

    So mark your diaries ladies (and gents), 9:45pm this coming saturday, turn down the lights and get snacks and dranks and settle in for the night 🙂

  4. You would not have known that this was coming on without going on the internet and looking it up on this site or the BBC2 website or keeping a close eye out, seven days in advance: the BBC have not exactly advertised it.

    Thanks for the update and the information. Have set autoview and the series link and the plus box to record and the DVD is on pre-order.


  5. i live in the US and the whole series aird last summer it was great and very sad especially at the very end i nearly cried for half an hour

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