The Other Boleyn Girl Green Dress Set

Apr14,2010 #Anne Boleyn Day

Lots of you have been saying that you wish you could get your hands on the green dress worn by Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn in “The Other Boleyn Girl”, well, now you can!

Kris has done herself proud with this stunning dress and deserves a big round of applause. It really is gorgeous! She managed to find a stunning pine green satin material and matching satin brocade and velvet. Clever lady.

The dress is custom-made to your very own measurements and comes complete with a matching French Hood too, so you can get the complete Natalie Portman look.

Check out the description below for full details and watch the slideshow for images of Natalie Portman in the original dress and Kris’s version.

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TOBG Green Dress Details

This beautiful custom-made to order dress features:-

  • Luxury Pine Green Lamour Bridal Satin with the undersleeves and front gore of Satin Brocade
  • Plush Triple Velvet oversleeves, made extra long just like Natalie’s dress
  • A Skirt circumference of over 200 inches so it can be worn with the fullest hoop slip (pictures taken with a 5 hoop)
  • Extra boning used in front to provide the same “look” as the film (8 pieces of boning in the front, 4 on the sides (2 on each side) and 2 in the back for a total of 14)
  • Corset Grade Grommets for the back lacing
  • Elastic Waist with Toggle to adjust fit so that you can enjoy a full-on banquet!
  • Bodice is fully lined and interlined with canvas
  • Filigrees and stones set on Black Velvet at the top of the bodice
  • Matching French Hood included – This is decorated with the same filigrees and stones as the bodice and comes complete with veil.

Note: The sleeves are made differently than on the film dress. This is because the way the sleeves are made in the film dress requires that they be fitted on site and Kris obviously can’t do that! So she has made them as close as she could.

(Jewelry can be purchased here on The Anne Boleyn Files – B Necklace and TOBG Pearl Cross)

You can purchase the dress at our Anne Boleyn Dresses page.

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13 thoughts on “The Other Boleyn Girl Green Dress Set”
  1. Wow! How does Kris do it? Well, I’ll stick to my regrets on how boring modern clothes are in comparison to Tudor ones.

  2. This is utterly gorgeous! I’ve loved the green dress ever since I saw the first promo picture of Natalie Portman as Anne! Kris is such a talented lady 🙂

    I can’t afford it right now, but you wouldn’t discontinue it without giving us some notice, right? (I know that would be a while anyway, I’m just trying to figure out my saving scheme!)

  3. I was looking forward to this dress being made and readily availible for purchase, I cannot wait to get it, It is of a colour that would have been worn in the Tudor era, Green and also one I can imagine the real Anne Boleyn wearing. 🙂

  4. Absolutely stunning.Gawd it is beautiful. Green and Blue definitely Anne’s colours.It shimmers. I bet in a May sunlight the colours it would reflect would turn many a young Knaves head.To keep in character. :thumbs up:

  5. Since mostly women respond here. What was under the skirts to billow and support the bosom’s? I suppose you can wear a strapless bra,but that would effect the authenticity! I think. 🙂

  6. Xena I think since the bodice is lined and boned it would fit like a corset on top so you could wear it without a bra. At least that’s how it seems to me.

  7. Yes, that’s right Melissa. The bodice has the right amount of boning in it that when it is laced up it gives you that wonderful pushed in and up look that you see in “The Tudors” and “TOBG”. They’re not designed to be worn with a bra and it’s certainly not needed. You could wear a corset if you wanted but that’s optional as there is so much boning in the bodice anyway.

  8. Has any body heard of Henry’s other mistress Bessie Blount. She was said to be quite pleasing to the eye and sweet breath with white teeth,(apparently rare at the times).She had a son by Henry called Henry Fitzroy,I think.The people at the time said:”blessee Bessie.
    Any thing further about her I would like to know. 🙂

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