The Fall of Anne Boleyn Book Tour Day 10 – The Tudor Roses

Photo by Darren Wilkins

What a fantastic 2 weeks I’ve had hopping from one Tudor blog to another, sharing guest posts, interviews and information from my book. Thank you to all of my very kind hosts and also to you for taking part and supporting me.

Today, I finish my virtual book tour in style at the blog of the lovely Tudor Roses. There, I am sharing my own experiences of dressing up as Anne Boleyn and, of course, giving away a prize – a set of Henry VIII and Six Wives Drinks Charms. All you have to do is answer the question posed by The Tudor Roses, emailing your answer to them before the 16th June. Full details are at the end of my post – see Dressing Up as Anne Boleyn

If you’ve missed my previous guest posts and interviews, you can catch up by using the links in the book tour schedule at at The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown Virtual Book Tour

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One thought on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn Book Tour Day 10 – The Tudor Roses”
  1. As one of those who joined Claire in dressing up at The Anne Boleyn Experience 2010 and The Executed Queens Tour 2011, I can attest to all that Claire reports! You feel entirely different when you are dressed up in Tudor clothing! While not comfortable, you have a VERY special feeling! I can’t wait for The Anne Boleyn Experience 2012!

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