The Fall of Anne Boleyn – 5 May 1536 – Sir Thomas Wyatt and Richard Page are arrested


On 5th May 1536, two more men were implicated in the fall of Anne Boleyn: poet and courtier Sir Thomas Wyatt and Sir Richard Page, a gentleman of the privy chamber and a former favourite of Thomas Cromwell. They were both sent to the Tower of London.

Another courtier, Sir Francis Bryan, was ordered to London for questioning…

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One thought on “The Fall of Anne Boleyn – 5 May 1536 – Sir Thomas Wyatt and Richard Page are arrested”
  1. It is believed that the arrest of Sir Richard Page and Sir Thomas Wyatt and the interrogation of Sir Francis Bryan was merely to make the charges look more plausible and show that Cromwell was doing a thorough job, but had he wanted to find something on them, no doubt he would have, the others had been arrested on mere gossip and hearsay not sound proof as was the queen, and the fact they were later released shows there was no need for anymore scapegoats, already unbelievable that five men were accused of adultery with the queen, had the number risen higher, it would have caused outbursts of incredulity and rendered the charges somewhat spurious, Page had served in Wolsley’s household and in the household of the kings bastard son, he was a friend of the queen, Bryan was blood kin to the queen though no friend of hers and a supporter of Jane Seymour, and Wyatt who we are told, was much loved by master secretary, it was only a matter of time before they were all released and Page was banished indefinitely, but was later recalled back by Henry V111, Wyatt out of these three men was to suffer the most knowning Anne Boleyn and her alleged lovers very well, Anne he had once courted unsuccessfully his grief is understandable, what is difficult to fathom is the king because he to had known these men many years and they had served him faithfully, Cromwell himself knew that one day he may also be considered expendable by his royal master, in fact it was not to be long before he to was to share his victims fate, proof that Henry V111 was not a monarch to trust too wise and too well.

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