The Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Calendar 2021 now available


Yay! I didn’t think we were going to be able to do a calendar so I’m very happy to share this news because so many of you have been asking for order details. The past couple of years we’ve been having the calendars printed by a local printer here in Spain and dispatching them from here, but as we can’t leave our village and get to the printer or post office, we’ve had to change our plans!

We decided to use who do print-on-demand. We’ve used them before and their calendars have always been excellent quality, and the shipping has always been quick and efficient.

Specifications: US Letter Landscape (11 x 8.5 in / 279 x 216 mm), 26 Pages, Color Premium, 100# (270 GSM) White Paper, Wire-O, Glossy Cover.

Prices: USD 11.49, EUR 9.99, AUD 14.00, GBP 8.99, CAD 14.99.

The calendar date pages include important Tudor events like birth, deaths and coronations.

You can order the Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Calendar 2021 at Calendars are usually printed in 3-5 business days, and shipping is worldwide. You can scroll to the bottom of that page to change the currency and language.

Here is a video showing the different places featured:

And here is a slideshow of the photos featured in the calendar:

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7 thoughts on “The Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Calendar 2021 now available”
  1. I too love the mellow coloured ruins of Kenilworth Castle, it surely must be haunted by the ghosts of those who lived in the glory days of its splendour, associated with Queen Elizabeth 1st and her favourite Robert Earl of Leicester, during her stay the Earl entertained her with balls and masques and fine feasting, their strange relationship was the talk of Britain and the world, the forbidding Tower of London who has survived well over a thousand years and has seen many an ill fated prisoner past through its walls, in the days of Edward 1V it was a palace and it housed Queen Anne Boleyn the day before her execution, for as well as being a prison it also had luxurious apartments, it was the sanctuary of the ill fated Princes in the Tower and sadly only she knows the truth of their sad story, victims were tortured in the grim dank cellars below, but it was not always a place of misery and death, as mentioned it had also been a fine palace and also a menagerie and this delights me about the forbidding Tower, it is pleasant to picture the exotic animals that once roamed around there, Richard 1st had a lion sent over and it also housed bears and other creatures, in fact the ghost of a bear is said to still haunt its former home, along with the sad wraiths of its other unfortunate victims, it is also where the Crown Jewels are kept under tight security and it also houses armoury including that of Henry V111 and several other kings, St George’s Chapel where Henry V111 sleeps in eternity next to his third queen Jane Seymour, the only queen to give him a son that survived infancy, there is a brass plaque on the floor in memorium to that much married monarch and his queen, and then the lovely old house that could have been the birthplace of William Shakespeare, Hever Castle in Kent the childhood home of Anne Mary and George Boleyn, and where Anne returned to time and again to escape the cloying affections of a lovesick monarch, it became the home of Lord Astor in the early 19thc and he is responsible for the little Tudor village that stands in the grounds and possibly for the landscaped gardens, portraits of Anne and Mary hang side by side in the castle, two sisters who once captured the eye of a king and one who died because of it, I cannot mention all the wonderful places captured in the beautiful calendar as sadly, I do not know enough about them, but I enjoyed the video very much and congratulations to you Claire and Tim for putting it together.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed putting this together and choosing some of my very favourite places.
      If you ever get chance to go to Stratford-upon-Avon, then do go. As well as Shakespeare’s birthplace, there’s Holy Trinity, the Guild Chapel, Guild Hall with Shakespeare’s school room, and all the properties linked to Shakespeare, as well as some lovely black and white Tudor buildings. It’s wonderful.

      1. I did go to Stratford upon Avon with my mother on a coach trip years ago, we really enjoyed the trip and we visited Anne Hathaways cottage, the garden was beautiful a proper cottage garden, I recall sitting in the garden on a warm summers day and thinking what bliss! I loved the little river, it is a very quint olde worked place with timbered buildings as you mention, we also visited Harvard Hall or Harvard House which the American university is named after, it was a lovely day out, famous across the world for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare many tourists often visit during the summer months, i have an idea which you may put in your next calendar if you don’t mind Claire, I would love to see the tomb of Sir Thomas Boleyn included as it is said to be very fine with its brass plaque, just an idea.

        1. It is a lovely brass and I do have pictures of it, but it’s hard to photograph as you can’t get the whole of it in. You’d need a ladder to be able to take one of the whole brass and then take the photo looking down.

  2. Such a beautiful calendar. A couple of places I haven’t visited before so now on the list for my next visit to the UK – I’ve yet to visit Kenilworth Castle and Stratford upon Avon.

  3. On my next visit to see my daughter Carly in Guildford, our plan is to see Stratford upon Avon. We plan on visiting Shakespeare’s birthplace. So happy that you published another calendar. I always look forward to the lovely pictures and planning and dreaming about my next adventure in the UK.

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