The Anne Boleyn Collection II
Cover concept

I just wanted to write this quick post to explain the absence of Anne Boleyn articles recently and to update you on what I’m up to at the moment. I’ve been very busy finishing the manuscript of “The Anne Boleyn Collection II”, which is now in the hands of my editor and is due for publication in the autumn. The photo here is the initial cover concept and I will share the proper cover with you as soon as it is finished, but I can tell you that the book is a collection of articles on Anne and the Boleyns based on research I’ve done over the past four years and talks I’ve done. More soon…

I’ve also been working with Clare Cherry, who some of you will know from her articles on George Boleyn here at The AB Files, on a book on George Boleyn. Clare had already carried out extensive research on George and written a draft manuscript when I met her and we’re now combining our research and knowledge to create a biography of George. We’re hoping to release it early next year.

Life has been rather hectic and my brain is rather fried (turned to mush!), so I’m taking some time off in August to recharge my batteries ready to start sharing more of my thoughts on the Boleyns and the Tudors in September. Don’t worry though, I’ve already written a collection of posts which will be added to the site during August so you will still be able to get your Tudor fix. I appreciate every single one of my visitors and readers, so I’d never leave you in the lurch.

Have a wonderful summer!

P.S. If you usually get articles emailed to you, this won’t happen for most of August because I’m away. Please check the website regularly for posts. Thanks!

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