The Anne Boleyn Collection Virtual Book Tour Day Four – Queen Anne Boleyn

Well, I’ve had a great time in the USA, Canada and Australia, in a virtual sense of course, and today I’m in Slovenia visiting the wonderful Sylwia at her Queen Anne Boleyn website. Thank you so much, Sylwia!

Sylwia collected questions from her Facebook followers for me to answer so please do visit and find out my answers. I’m also giving away a signed copy of my book and an Anne Boleyn scarf – see Sylwia’s page for more details.

Tomorrow I finish the week by zooming back to Australia to visit Natalie and her On the Tudor Trail blog for an interview and a giveaway of yet another signed copy of my book and an Anne Boleyn wine stopper. It may be the end of the week but the tour doesn’t end there! Next week I have two more stops on Monday and Tuesday (had to have a rest at the weekend, jet lag is a killer!) so do check out my schedule at The Anne Boleyn Collection website and get ready to join me!

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4 thoughts on “The Anne Boleyn Collection Virtual Book Tour Day Four – Queen Anne Boleyn”
  1. Congratulations on the sales numbers for your book, Claire! LOL, having a moment imagining Sir Tim having to point a video camera at you and doing a screen capture in order to get a picture of you because you can’t stop jumping around. I’m also hearing your kids saying, “Mum’s at it again! We could use her as a renewable green energy source by hooking her up to the power grid.”

    Seriously, though, I am loving the articles on the other Anne Boleyn blogs and sites, AND I am gathering, thanks to that, new websites for reading pleasure.

    I can’t help but wonder what Anne herself would make of her modern fame, especially since she has so many people curious about her world wide, especially since some of the countries where there is so much interest about her didn’t even exist in her time, or that distinguished, reputable historians rise so eloquently (and vociferously at times!) to defend her innocence.

    For someone who is not by trade a historian, I think even Dr. Ives would agree that you are doing a wonderful job for professional and amateur historians to study Anne’s life in detail, and gaining respect for their efforts to shake out the nonsense that has been passed down as her story.

    I know I have enjoyed your work so far. I hope that people who hold pictures or documents in private collections and libraries might be inspired by your efforts to make those pictures or documents available to yourself and reputable historians to further your efforts to shine a light on a shamefully maligned woman.

  2. Congratulations on selling over 1000 copies Claire! I recently watched your video on the lost Boleyn brothers and came away thinking you are a more thorough historian than Alison Weir, although you don’t call yourself one. I mean no disrespect to Weir but her conclusions regarding the brothers was shocking to me. It might be tempting to come up with storys about these people, based on hunches, but simply can’t be done by historians, who are evidence bound. Your work has really been amazing and shows us all that amateurs are capable of becoming true authorities.

  3. Claire, is the book only available with the kindle? I have a sony reader. Can I still download the book. Im dying to read it. I love reading your site and visit it often. I am a BIG Anne fan and visited England last year and cried when I walked on Tower Green knowing Anne saw her final hours here.

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