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After a weekend of recovering from virtual jet lag, I’m off to the USA today to visit Elizabeth at The Tudor Book Blog. Elizabeth will be interviewing me about The Anne Boleyn Collection, my writing and also about myself. I will also be giving away a signed copy of The Anne Boleyn Collection and an Anne Boleyn tote bag. I hope to catch you there!

Click here to read my interview and to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment on Elizabeth’s blog at the bottom of my interview. You can enter until midnight on the 18th March.

Tomorrow is the last day of my virtual book tour and I’m staying in the US to visit the Legendary Women blog with a guest article on Anne Boleyn and why she is a ‘legendary woman’. I will also be giving away a pewter Anne Boleyn bookmark and a signed copy of my book. Details to come tomorrow.

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One thought on “The Anne Boleyn Collection Virtual Book Tour Day Six – The Tudor Book Blog”
  1. Dear Claire,

    Your website has made an enormous difference in my world. I have a passion for Anne Boleyn that goes back for well over 40 years. I have read, studied, ate, slept, laughed and cried about her during that time. The problem? What was the truth and what was not? I also had no one with whom to share this passion. People’s eyes would glaze when I attempted to speak about Anne and the Tudors.

    All that changed the day I discovered your website. I could learn the truth and share my thoughts with like-minded people. What a gift! I have learned more truth on your site than any other book or website, and will continue to be a member until death do us part.

    At last you are finally getting the recognition you so richly deserve. Keep smiling, keep writing and God bless you.

    From my heart,
    Linda M. Urban Hart

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