The Anne Boleyn Collection Virtual Book Tour Day Seven – Legendary Women

Today is the final day of my virtual book tour – sob! – and I’m finishing it in style at the Legendary Women website where March is Women’s History Month.

As Morgan from Legendary Women explains, “Legendary Women, Inc. is an organization founded to counteract the negative representation of women in the media, as well as to empower and promote women in their everyday lives and endeavors. Legendary Women focuses on influencing the representation of women in media as well as the world at large.”

Legendary Women asked me to write an article on Anne Boleyn and you can read it at Anne Boleyn: Queenly Role Model. I am also giving away the final signed copy of my book “The Anne Boleyn Collection” and one of Tiffini’s beautiful pewter Anne Boleyn bookmarks. Legendary women are splitting the prizes so there will be two winners and you can enter by following the instructions at Legendary Women Anne Boleyn Collection Giveaway

This is the last day of my virtual book tour so please do catch me! It’s been a wonderful seven days and I’m very grateful to all who have participated and to my very kind hosts – thank you!

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3 thoughts on “The Anne Boleyn Collection Virtual Book Tour Day Seven – Legendary Women”
  1. Wow Claire! Really great article, in fact I think it is the best that I have seen yet and I think they are all really good. I could feel your passion in the writing. Very well done. I surely admire you. :0)

  2. HI Claire, first of all, great article and second, congratulations on your new book, can’t wait to read it.
    I do find it amazing how so many people find Anne Bolelyn fascinating. She definitly has left an impression. Thank you this site, so that I and others can continue to learn about Anne!
    Julie B.

  3. Well done, Claire! Excellent article. As always, I am moved by your writing and your ability to translate passion into words. I can’t wait to read your book!

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