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Today marks the start of my virtual book tour as I hop from Tudor blog to Tudor blog (or Facebook page) doing giveaways, guest articles, interviews and Q&As. I only wish that I could do it in the real world as it would be very exciting travelling from Spain to the USA, Canada, Australia and Slovenia!

I thought this was the perfect way to spread the message about “The Anne Boleyn Collection” and also thank the Tudor history community for all their support and encouragement over the past three years. I love interacting with other websites, blogs and Facebook pages and I hope you enjoy this tour. Perhaps you’ll discover a blog you didn’t know about and make some friends on the way!

Today I’m visiting Barb and followers at the Tudor Tutor – click here. I’m off there now so do pop in!

Here is the schedule for my virtual book tour and I’m pleased to be able to add an extra day, so a 6 day tour!

  • Monday 5th March TODAY The Tudor Tutor – I’ll be answering questions from Barb’s blog and Facebook followers and giving away a signed copy of “The Anne Boleyn Collection” plus a set of Henry VIII and Six Wives drink charms.

  • Tuesday 6th March Let Them Grumble – I have written a guest article on Anne Boleyn for Libby over at her Let Them Grumble blog. I’ll also be offering a signed copy of my book and a pair of Anne Boleyn earrings from our “The Tudors” range. See Libby’s page tomorrow for details.
  • Wednesday 7th March Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History – Over at Sarah’s Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History blog, I have written a guest article on Anne and George Boleyn and will be offering a signed copy of my book plus an Anne Boleyn B necklace or A necklace.
  • Thursday 8th March Queen Anne Boleyn Facebook page – On the 8th March I will be answering questions posed by Sylwia’s followers and giving away a signed copy of “The Anne Boleyn Collection” plus an Anne Boleyn scarf.
  • Friday 9th March On the Tudor Trail – Natalie will be interviewing me over at her On the Tudor Trail blog. I will also be giving away a signed copy of my book and an Anne Boleyn wine stopper.
  • Monday 12th March NEW DATE The Everything Tudor ‘Tudor Book Blog’ – Elizabeth from Everything Tudor and The Tudor Tattler will be interviewing me on her Tudor Book Blog and I will be giving away a signed copy of my book along with an Anne Boleyn tote bag.
  • Tuesday 13th March (to be confirmed) Legendary Women – I will be dropping in to the Legendary Women website as part of their Women’s History Month with my guest article on Anne Boleyn. I will be giving away a signed copy of my book and a Tudor themed prize. More details to come…

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2 thoughts on “The Anne Boleyn Collection Virtual Book Tour Begins – Day One at The Tudor Tutor”
  1. Claire, I went to the Tudor Tutor site this evening and read the Q and A. I found it very good. There were several great questions and of course your great answers.

  2. wonderful, i`m going to spend a peaceful evening on the tour :D, just reading the first Q&A and the question if Anne was trained sexually, reminded me of a book i read for school. I think it was Culture and everyday life in early modern times (Richard van Dulmen, i have no idea if it has ever been translated to English. Its originally German). If the couple “finished” prematrimonial sexual intercourse and they intended to marry each other, then in spiritual way, their sexual relationship was legal and they were considered to be man & wife, though the official amarriage did not happen yet.
    So Anne & Henry could have had normal sexual relationship, but …and now i have no idea how to say it in English….i mean, that Henry would just have to finish himself “outside” Anne to not compromise their case and get her pregnant too early.

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