Anne Boleyn – The Mysterious and Maligned One

| January 27, 2011

Anne Boleyn – The Mysterious and Maligned One

There’s no denying that Anne Boleyn is the most maligned and misunderstood of Henry VIII’s six wives. Even today, in an age where we have unprecedented access to primary sources and the likes of historians Eric Ives and Alison Weir spreading the message that Anne Boleyn was innocent and framed, Anne Boleyn is still misrepresented […]

****NEWSFLASH – Anne Boleyn’s Witch Garden – NEWSFLASH****

| July 7, 2009

After seeing last night’s preview of the Hampton Court Flower Show, I went online to try and find photos of Anne Boleyn’s Witch Garden and I found some on the Royal Horticultural Society website. Obviously I don’t want to breach copyright and reproduce them here but you can see them for yourselves at: There […]

Anne Boleyn – The Witch

| June 10, 2009

[audio:anne_boleyn_the_witch.mp3] Over the next couple of weeks, I will be exploring three very different opinions of Anne Boleyn – the Witch, the Whore and the Martyr – and trying to understand why people have these incredibly different views of her. We’ll start today with the view that Anne Boleyn was a witch and that that […]

Anne Boleyn – Ex-pupil of Hogwarts?

| April 6, 2009

Anne Boleyn – Ex-pupil of Hogwarts?

I apologise for the silly nature of this post, but I just happened to be watching “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the US) yesterday with my children and I thought I’d look out for Anne Boleyn’s portrait at Hogwarts. A Cameo in Harry Potter I’d read Harry […]