****NEWSFLASH – Anne Boleyn’s Witch Garden – NEWSFLASH****

After seeing last night’s preview of the Hampton Court Flower Show, I went online to try and find photos of Anne Boleyn’s Witch Garden and I found some on the Royal Horticultural Society website. Obviously I don’t want to breach copyright and reproduce them here but you can see them for yourselves at:


There is also an article about the plants and flowers used, as well as the scaffold and essential witchcraft items – hmmm!

If you’re interested in seeing all of the Six Wives’ gardens, there is a video and photo gallery at:


Whatever our views on whether these gardens are relevant or appropriate to the six women, you have to admit that they are beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “****NEWSFLASH – Anne Boleyn’s Witch Garden – NEWSFLASH****”
  1. It’s gorgeous-especially the peacock feathers, but the scaffold is beyond tasteless. Plus, I hate how the article starts off saying “Witches used…” and then continues with “she used.” “She warded off witch hunters by planting three rows of red flowers?!?!”

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Must plant those three rows of red flowers in the garden!! It is beautiful but the scaffold does take over don’t you think and yes, I hated the article but have done enough ranting about this garden!!

  2. Oh brother, this was just beyond insulting. Why the heck did the designer feel the need to include a scaffold in a garden no less? Just more sensationalism at the expense of a woman who was murdered. Totally tasteless and hokey (especially the whole witch perspective). To the designer I say, ‘Get a Grip!’

  3. (I know I’m late to the party AGAIN) I saw the pictures back in 2009.
    I did find the gardens beautiful, but the Anne Boleyn one was in rather horribly bad taste, don’t you think? I mean it was supposed to celebrate and honour her life.. not the rumours surrounding it, nor the way she was murdered….
    Very sad to see that this has passed as acceptable.

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