As owner of The Anne Boleyn Files I often find myself in the unique position of receiving emails, poems, photos, videos, articles and books about Anne Boleyn from fans all around the world. I love it and I think it’s wonderful that Anne Boleyn’s story has inspired so many people. I’m sure that she would be amazed, but happy, that her story is living on in us and is inspiring such creativity.

Esther Hyams is a Tudor history lover, history student and poet from the UK who is currently writing a series of poems about Anne’s life. Here is her very first Anne Boleyn poem, entitled “Little Nan”:-

Anne Boleyn EngravingLittle Nan

In 1501, but the exact date is uncertain and unsure
Was born a girl whom one day would be labelled a wh*re.
Born at Blicking, to Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn who named her Anne.
The sister of Mary and George :  this small little ‘Nan’.

Nan was a blank canvas with deep, black, innocent eyes
Eyes that one day cardinals and bishops would despise.
As she grew and grew, Nan brought such joy
Running happily, like the world was her toy.

Through the halls of Hever, ran this innocent child
Whose passion for playing could never be stifled.
A fearless girl, running in the garden among the flowers
Her long dark hair flowing behind her in those hours.

Then years later, when Anne was 13 years old,
She showed such brightness and a heart so bold.
That Thomas Boleyn could notice a shining star,
That his daughter Anne could take them so far.

Even as a child, Nan showed such wit and charm
With a temper that when risen, nothing could calm.
Nan was filled with such joy and glee
When she was told she would be going on a European journey.

Anne would be joining Archduchess Margaret’s household
To gain a European education and let her talents unfold.
With 18 women as a ‘fille d’honneur’ to Margeret’s court
Yearning to make her father proud, with much to be taught.

Now was the time for little Nan to grow
For the rivers of Destiny, like a stream would flow
She would work hard, doing all that she can
Little Nan would prosper as…

…’Mademoiselle Boullan’.

by Esther Hyams

Congratulations, Esther, on such a wonderful poem and I’m really looking forward to your next one!

I will be adding Esther’s poems to the site as she writes them – click here to go to the Poetry About Anne Boleyn page.

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      I actually found it on and purchased it because I loved it so much. It’s a vintage engraving from 1875. Just type Anne Boleyn into the search box on istock and you’ll see a few great pictures. I’ve used the black and white engraving on The Anne Boleyn store on t-shirts, cards etc. because I think it’s really classy.

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