21 March 1556 – Thomas Cranmer’s martyrdom

| March 21, 2017

On this day in history, 21st March 1556, Thomas Cranmer, former Archbishop of Canterbury, was burned at the stake in Oxford after being found guilty of heresy in the reign of Mary I. He is one of three Protestant bishops who were executed in Mary I’s reign and who have become known as the Oxford […]

13 November 1553 – The trial of an archbishop and a queen

| November 13, 2016

On this day in history, 13th November 1553, Lady Jane Grey (or Queen Jane as I think of her) was tried for treason in a public trial at Guildhall, London, along with her husband Guildford Dudley, his brothers Ambrose and Henry, and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. They were all found guilty and condemned to death, the […]

2 November 1541 – An All Souls’ Day shock for Henry VIII

| November 2, 2016

All Souls’ Day is the feast day when forgotten souls, those souls in purgatory who might not have any masses or prayers being said for them, are remembered and it was at the special All Souls’ mass of 1541 that Henry VIII’s happy world came crashing down. Previous to this, Henry VIII had been blissfully […]

12 September 1555 – The Trial of Archbishop Cranmer begins

| September 12, 2016

On this day in history, Thursday 12th September 1555, the trial of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, began at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin at Oxford. Cranmer, who had served both King Henry VIII and King Edward VI as Archbishop of Canterbury, stood accused on this day in Mary I’s reign of […]

Thomas Cranmer’s relationship with the Boleyn Family

| May 19, 2016

Thomas Cranmer’s relationship with the Boleyn Family

In this special Anne Boleyn Day 2016 video, Beth von Staats, author of Thomas Cranmer in a Nutshell talks to us about Archbishop Thomas Cranmer’s relationship with Anne Boleyn and her family. Head over to https://www.madeglobal.com/3267/beth-von-staats-cranmers-relationship-boleyn-family/ to enter the giveaway for your choice of book from MadeGlobal Publishing’s ‘in a nutshell’ series.

16 May 1536 – A visitor for Queen Anne Boleyn

| May 16, 2016

On 16th May 1536, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, the man who had once been Anne Boleyn’s family chaplain and a man she had helped rise to prominence at the English court, visited Anne at the Tower of London. It was a visit that seemed to lift Anne’s spirits and give her hope that all was not […]

10 May 1533 – Opening of the Dunstable Court

| May 10, 2016

Yes, for this “on this day in history” post we are taking a break from the 1536 countdown of Anne Boleyn’s fall to go back to 1533, the year that Anne Boleyn was crowned queen. On 5th April 1533, Convocation gave its ruling on Henry VIII’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon, stating that the Pope […]

3 May 1536 – A shocked Archbishop Cranmer writes to the King

| May 3, 2016

On Wednesday 3rd May 1536, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, who had travelled back to Lambeth Palace from Knole (his country residence) after being summoned back to court, wrote a letter to King Henry VIII: “Have come to Lambeth, according to Mr. Secretary’s letters, to know your Grace’s pleasure. Dare not, contrary to the said letters, presume […]