9 January 1514 – Death of Anne of Brittany

| January 9, 2017

On this day in history, 9th January 1514, Anne of Brittany, queen consort of King Louis XII of France, died at the Chateau of Blois. Anne was buried in the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Denis. Anne had been married three times. In 1490, she was married by proxy to Maximilian I of Austria, but was […]

20 July 1524 – Queen Claude of France dies

| July 20, 2015

On 20th July 1524, Queen Claude of France, wife of Francis I, died at Blois at the age of just twenty-four. She was temporarily laid to rest in the chapel there, but then moved to the royal abbey of Saint-Denis just outside Paris in 1527. At Easter, Tim and I visited Saint-Denis and I was […]

A Visit to the Basilica of Saint Denis – Guest Post by Yann Kergourlay

| January 27, 2014

Thank you so much to Yann Kergourlay for writing this post on the Basilica of Saint Denis in Paris and for sharing these beautiful photographs. If you’re confused as to what this has to do with the Tudors, Mary Tudor, Queen of France, was crowned at St Denis, Anne Boleyn served Mary Tudor and Queen […]