Anne Boleyn Day May 19

Anne Boleyn Day on May 19 is the creation of Tudor fan, Claire Ridgway, owner and creator of This special day has been created to commemorate the execution of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England and second wife to Henry VIII, on May 19 1536 after being found guilty of treason, adultery and incest. The aim of Anne Boleyn Day is to spread the message that Anne Boleyn is an inspiration for modern women and the most influential queen that England has known.

When creating Anne Boleyn Day, Claire Ridgway said “My mission is to dispel the idea that Anne Boleyn was a witch and adulteress, who conspired to kill the King. I want to let the world know that Anne Boleyn was the innocent victim of a cruel and vengeful plot.”  gives visitors information about Anne Boleyn Day and how they can commemorate it.

The Anne Boleyn Files gives information about the Tudors and life and times of Anne Boleyn. All information is based on historical evidence and is up to date. For the real fans of Anne Boleyn, there is an online shop of Tudor products, like the famous Anne Boleyn B necklace and hand-painted oil paintings.

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