Poem – March and April 1536

This is Part 31 of Esther Hyams' brilliant poetry series on the life and times of our heroine, Anne Boleyn.

March & April 1536

[caption id="attachment_2362" align="alignright" width="256" caption="Edward Seymour"]Edward Seymour[/caption] A rage filled Anne heard of her husband, King Henry VIII’s new chaste love affair A woman who was being treated like Anne was 3 years before, with such care. As anger subsided, Anne’s only hope was to appear sweet, devoted and soft She must ignore the Seymour’s, be kind, a sweet innocence she must adopt. Chapuys declined to come to the court when Queen Anne Boleyn was there Not even greeting the Queen with a formal kiss, for her there was no such care. Yet on the very same day that the Seymour’s moved into Greenwich Palace Chapuys unexpectedly came to the Royal English Court and attended mass. Anne treated Chapuys with great courtesy and did not want to cause a row Understanding the courtier’s language, he gave Queen Anne a stiff, cold bow. Anne tried desperately to make amends with Mary without strife or bother But inevitably Mary told her that she would recognise no queen but her mother. On 23rd April 1536: was the day of a ceremonial occasion and royal distribution It was on this day that there would be open and obvious signs of a new revolution. As the new candidate for the Order of the Garter was to be Sir Nicholas Carew But this was meant to be for George Boleyn, Lord Rochford and Anne’s brother too! These prestigious appointments were openly scrutinized as a sign of royal favour And everyone knew that Carew was counselling and advising Jane Seymour. This royal appointment was for all to see, all for open and unrestricted public show Openly proving that no more would the power of the Boleyn’s thrive and grow. By Esther Hyams Click here to read the next poem - "The Beginning of the End".
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