Puppet Kits – Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and Knight


Limited amount available!

I’ve had these puppet kits in storage for a while – I think I was going to take them on one of my tours but never got round to it – and I found them while doing some decluttering the other day. I thought I’d post them for sale on here as they’d make perfect gifts and they’re not doing much sitting on a shelf in my home!

I have limited stock, and I don’t think these puppets are produced any longer, so do grab them while you can. Each kit makes 1 puppet, and they have everything you need inside them, including full instructions, brush, paints, glue, and all constituent parts. I made the Anne Boleyn one with my daughter many years ago and we had great fun. I would share a photo, but I haven’t got a clue what she’s done with it!

With the Anne Boleyn kit, there are paints to make either of the designs depicted on the box. The kit makes 1 puppet.

The Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII puppet kits are for ages 8+, and the knight one is 4+.

They’re fun to make and look lovely when finished.

Here are the puppets I’m selling. The prices are in US dollars and include shipping – please make sure you choose the correct option and that your shipping address is correct. They will be dispatched by me here in Spain by standard international post.

Henry VIII Puppet Kit

Please select correct shipping destination.

Henry VIII puppet kit incl shipping

Anne Boleyn Puppet Kit

Note: Makes 1 puppet.

Please select correct shipping destination.

Anne Boleyn puppet kit incl shipping

Knight Puppet Kit

Please select correct shipping destination.

Knight puppet kit incl shipping

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