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Jul11,2012 #Claire Ridgway

This is not at all Tudor related (sorry!), but I know that many of you are author or aspiring authors so I wanted to do a shout-out for my latest project which is to do with publishing.

When Tim and I were researching publishing and self-publishing, we found it inspiring to read about other authors’ journeys and the strategies they used to take their book to market, to find readers and to make a success of their careers. We decided to interview some of the top indie authors around at the moment, asking questions like “What made you decide to self-publish?”, “What has been the most effective thing that you have done to promote your book?” and “What are your top tips for new indie authors?”, as we knew that the information would be helpful to other authors, both traditionally published and self-published.

34 authors agreed to help and they have all been incredibly giving of both their time and their strategies for success. We have compiled the interviews into a book, Interviews with Indie Authors: Top Tips from Successful Self-Published Authors, which is due out on the 31st July. 50% of the royalties will be going to charity, divided between ROPE (Relief for Oppressed People Everywhere) and Goal for the Gambia.

You can find out more about the book and the contributing authors at You can also download a sample chapter – click here. There is also a useful resource section with recommended reading and links for those interested in writing and publishing.

You can also follow Interviews with Indie Authors on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Apologies to those not interested in writing or publishing!

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2 thoughts on “New Book – Interviews with Indie Authors”
  1. This sound great Claire (and Tim 🙂 ) probably just what I need as I am getting myself into a right muddle with the whole thing. I will def be lining up in the queue for this book’s release.
    Well done to you. What a busy little bee you are so many plates in the air. It is great to see someone making their dreams come true and doing it all by their own efforts (ok with a bit of help from the other half maybe).
    I am so pleased for you.

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