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Apr 24, 2013 #Anne Boleyn rose

Anne Boleyn roseThe end of April to mid May is always a sad time for those following Anne Boleyn’s story. We are following the events of her fall from power, counting down to her execution and thinking of the six innocent lives that were taken on 17th and 19th May 1536. However, I am always cheered by my Anne Boleyn roses which bloom at this time of year.

Here is a picture taken this morning of one of the roses just beginning to open. I have four of these rose bushes and each has lots of buds on so my roof terrace is going to look beautiful soon.

When the roses are in full bloom I’ll share more photos.

P.S. These roses are available from David Austin Roses who have websites for different countries. They’re not suitable for all climates, I’m afraid. I’d quite like the Elizabeth I one too.

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33 thoughts on “My Anne Boleyn Roses”
  1. What a beautiful rose. I love the colour too. I have a pot in my garden I bought at an antiques fair, quite unusual as it has the Tudor rose embossed within the stone on one side. In it I have a baby rose bush planted and the roses come out white every May/June. I have called it my Anne Boleyn rose too, even if they aren’t David Austin Roses. Yours must look incredible Claire!

    1. Your pot sounds lovely and so do your white roses. The Anne Boleyn roses are gorgeous, I’ve had them a couple of years now and they bloom beautifully.

    2. Claire,Lovely roses but at saddest of ocassions,when we know that with In weeks,our Dear Q’Annne’ will be put to an untimely death.With the roses when they start you can press then and frame then in a glass picture frame,I do that with alot of flower,its esay and you will have the lovely roses to lookat all yer round.But you must press them befor they get to dry and lose there colour.I just rut them in heavy books,for a day and then set them in your frame. Sad ocassion Baroness x

      1. Thank you Baroness Von Reis for telling me the proper name for my roses. They are pretty when they come out. Have a lovely week.

        1. Daniela,Your very welcome,I just love ‘Tea Roses there so dainty,and delicate your pot sounds lovely,is your pot an Antique?? Regards Baroness x

  2. I look forward to seeing more pictures! Thanks for the post. I had never heard of these roses before. They are lovely!

  3. I have one too…it is in a sheltered position in my bombsite of a garden, which is going to have a make over this year now the house is done, and I picked the last rosebuds off it in December for a vase!!, unbelievable really as we live in the North-east of Scotland, it’s a tough little cookie. Has a lovely light fragrance also.
    Claire is the Elizabeth 1st rose by Austin also, I can only find Sister Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth which could be either I or II ? also what colour is it?

    1. Queen Elizabeth is a lovely pink floribunda named for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. It’s fairly robust, but that awful winter of 2010 finished mine off (in Lincolnshire). The Anne Boleyn looks to be a lovely rose, too – but I have never seen it.

      1. I was sure I’d seen an Elizabeth I rose when I got my Anne one a few years back, perhaps I was imagining it. That Queen Elizabeth one looks lovely though.

        1. There is one called Agatha Cristie, Claire, and as you love doing the ‘detective’ work concerning the Tudors, maybe this one wouldn’t be out of place in your garden besides Anne…. 🙂

        2. You have me wondering now, Claire. This garden centre blurb is about the one I had,
          “The late Queen Mother granted her permission for her name to be associated with this rose on condition that it should be named in full – ‘The Queen Elizabeth Rose'”. It came out in 1954, but there could well be a rose named for Elizabeth I and/or for Elizabeth II. Mine was a very old plant and succumbed to -15 degrees, but they are vigorous and hardy souls and resistant to disease.

        3. Claire,As you no I live in the states can they be found here??? Thx Baroness

  4. The roses are lovely. And yes, this time of year is a bit like an extended Holy Week for Anne Boleyn enthusiasts, except, unfortunately, for the resurrection at the end — unless Anne & Co’s many and varied afterlives in history and the arts count!

  5. Baroness, not sure if my pot is a genuine antique but I bought it at the Detling antiques fair, Maidstone in Kent a few years ago. Absolutely loved it because of the Tudor rose on it. X

    1. Daniela,It sounds like a lovely pot!If you did get this at an antique fair,I would have someone,that deals in antique take a gander at this pot,as you never know, it could be very valueble??I deal in antiques so never know what you might have,could be rare! Hope you have someone look at this piece. Regards B x

  6. I had heard there were ‘Anne Boleyn Roses’ before,but I had never looked them up for some reason. And now I see yours,Claire and they are lovely. You see my absolute favorite flower is a ‘bubblegum pink’ rose,and I am exited to know that roses named after my absolute favorite historical figure are that very color!

  7. i collekt historical roses and have a lot , mu favorite is ADELIDE DE ORLEANS .But i have never heard of anne boleyn rose .Cant get them in Denmark . Iusely search her , but non of Anne Boleyn

      1. Such a lovely rose in her oner,at such a sad ocassion,very Heart Breaking for such a wonderful what could have been a ,Great Queen!!Shame on Henry V111,to take her life so young.I think she could have had more chilren ,perhapes a healhty son given the chance.But Henry so quick to judge. God Bless Queen Anne, B x

      2. 55 DOLLARS , OMG , its cheaper here in Denmark , and i look forvarv to thise 2 roses , and yes its a sad occasion , but i think she was betrayed because of envy and because Cro,mwell was jalouz and scared . She was very intelligent , very sexy , and had a lot of new visions –
        But she got her big revenge Elisabeth 1 ruled for 44 years .
        Henry 8 was so selfish , he could have send her yo a nonnery instead – i think he was afraid of her – in the end , she know to much of hes less prettyer sites of the mind – omg sorry my english spelling

    1. Hanne,Are you from Denmark ?as I notice,your spelling is differnet from how we spell in the States,.how much our the Roses there??Also some how I really can not see Queen’Anne at the ,Abby taking the Vail.Henry did offer to send her and Elizabeth abroad ,and take care of them, she refused him,as that would have made her child a Bastard.That was not exsepted back then high or low. Kind Regards Baroness x

    2. Hanne,I think I’m learning how to understand your what your writting is it Dutch??Does this mean tjekket again like check it again? ThX Baroness x

  8. You can also buy the Anne Boelyn rose if you are in the States at They are the David Austin Anne Boelyn rose and they retail for $11.95. I knew there was somewhere else that carried David Austin online and happily, these are less expensive. Hopefully it’s a bush and not the bare canes, but for that much of a price difference it might be worth it. Hope that info proves useful.

  9. There is also a Mary Rose named after, you guessed it, Henry’s/England’s ship. It blooms in my garden and is lovely. It is also a David Austin. Tudor remembrances in our gardens.

  10. just got them yesterday 2 Anne boleyn from and alsp ordered 4 lea renæsanse , they are made in Denmark by Poulsen roses – purple vith a deep parfume smell – bushrose 120cm remont , SO I WILL BE BUSY TODAY PLANTING ROSES . And its raining so its perfect for garden . . in Denmark the price is 120 kr its about 23 dollars pr rose . its cheaper in the supermarkets but they dont have thise gorgius historical ones and most of them dont smell . So i will rather give more money because thise roses will bloom forever .

  11. I’m going to get my Roses on Thursday ,and then after a week before they start loosing there buds, I am framming the babies,I cant believe there so much Dinaro??? THX B

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