The Life of Anne Boleyn online course – updated lessons

30th January 2017 is launch day for my first online history course with I’ve written a 15 unit course called The Life of Anne Boleyn, which you’ll probably know about it as I have shared information about it before.

I’ve now finished recording all of the video lessons (there are also audio files and transcripts) and I’ve actually recorded 18 videos:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 – Anne Boleyn’s background and roots
  • Lesson 2 – Anne Boleyn’s birth and early life
  • Lesson 3 – Anne Boleyn’s family
  • Lesson 4 – Anne Boleyn’s early education
  • Lesson 5 – Anne in France
  • Lesson 6 – Anne returns to England
  • Lesson 7 – Anne Boleyn’s suitors: Henry Percy, Thomas Wyatt and Henry VIII
  • Lesson 8 Part 1 – Henry VIII’s Pursuit of Anne Boleyn
  • Lesson 8 Part 2 – Henry VIII’s Great Matter
  • Lesson 9 Part 1 – 1533: A wedding and coronation
  • Lesson 9 Part 2 – 1533: A birth and christening
  • Lesson 10 – Queen
  • Lesson 11 – The fall of Anne Boleyn
  • Lesson 12 – Trial, Execution and Reaction
  • Lesson 13 – The Legacy of Anne Boleyn: Elizabeth I
  • Lesson 14 – Anne Boleyn Myths
  • Lesson 15 – Researching Anne Boleyn

Phew! You just can’t shut me up!

Course participants also get a copy of the audio version of my book The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown and then there are resources like family trees, further reading list, a list of primary sources and how to find them, links to useful videos and articles… lots to help you.

This is an online course of downloadable or streaming video and audio lectures (plus transcripts) which can be done in your own time and you have lifetime access to the course once you have signed up and paid. There is no set start or end date, you can do it at your own pace. It is open internationally.

If you are interested in this course then you can save $40 by pre-ordering it now for $35. After Monday 30th, it will go to $75. Here’s the link to the course –

It’s been fun writing and recording it, and I hope you have fun doing it.

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