Lady Jane Grey Stars in the Sarah Jane Adventures

Dec4,2010 #Lady Jane Grey

My children were watching TV the other day and they started yelling “Mum, quick, come here!”. I ran, thinking there was some huge emergency, to find that they had called me because Lady Jane Grey was in their favourite programme, “The Sarah Jane Adventures”.

Now, if you have never heard of “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, let me enlighten you: it is a science fiction series aimed at children and is a spin-off from Dr Who. Sarah Jane is Sarah Jane Smith, Dr Who’s former companion from the 1970s, and in this series she protects the Earth from aliens with the help of her computer (Mr Smith), K9, her son, Luke, and his friends, Clyde and Rani, and the Doctor sometimes. Although it is a children’s programme, I must admit to being a bit of a fan, afterall, a good parents has to check out what their children are watching on TV!

Anyway, episode 9 of Series 4, which is called “Lost in Time”, has Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani all going back in time and Rani finds herself in the Tower of London serving Lady Jane Grey as lady-in-waiting nine days after she became queen. Rani befriends Queen Jane and Jane tells her how she never wanted to be queen and that her father-in-law set it all up, but Rani also finds out that Jane is in danger – one of her ladies is planning to kill her – can Rani save her? Well, I won’t spoil it, although we all know how the true story ends, but here is Part 1 for you to enjoy:-

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22 thoughts on “Lady Jane Grey Stars in the Sarah Jane Adventures”
    1. My kids love it and I have to admit that I love it too! My kids are forever yelling me when Horrible Histories is on too, when a “Terrible Tudors” bit comes on. I love Horrible Histories although I sometimes have to correct it, for example they said in a recent episode that Anne Boleyn was Protestant and I had to tell my kids that it is not exactly true.

  1. I love Sarah Jane Adventures. As well as Doctor Who and Torchwood 🙂 Such great fun and many wonderful historical references.

    I believe Elizabeth I has been seen or mentioned a few times in Doctor Who in the past 5 years. She’s in the end of Series 3 episode 2 Shakespeare Code, when Ten and Martha land in Shakespearean London.

    This was a good episode, kudos to the people at SJA for making such a lovely frolic into different stages of history, may they be important to the shaping of the world or not.

    1. I love that episode Di. Martha — another of my favorite companions. Loved it when she told Shakespeare that he had bad breath (or was it body odor? LOL) Did you see who played Elizabeth that time out? I went OMG when I saw her name in the IMDB credits!

      I’ve forgotten though — what were the other episodes where Elizabeth gets mentioned? (And I wonder if the Doctor ever met Anne Boleyn. Now THAT would be a story).

      1. I forgot to mention that. haha.

        Good Queen Bess was mentioned a few times in the Specials in 2009, especially in End of Time Part 1 when the Doctor is said to have married Elizabeth in the opening scene.

        Stephen Moffett should do a Tudor era episode. I can see Eleven mucking about in Anne’s reign.

        1. It wasn’t an actual shown scene. Just in the special before Ten declared himself “Time Lord Victorious” and as the only TIme Lord left he could control history. As he fooled around time he took the virgin out of the Virgin Queen 😉

          It is said that the “Off with his head” in Shakespeare Code (Series 3 episode 2) is the aftermath of the marriage…

        2. Rewatching End of Time right now (feeling sentimental for Ten (:sobs:) and YAY Christmas special).

          If you look carefully at the scenes with the Naismiths and the Immortality Gate/Master you will see many royals in portraits on the walls in the background. Those I’ve seen and remembered are Henry VII, Henry VIII and Mary I. I believe I thought I saw Anne Boleyn in a shot, but I could be mistaken.

          My computer hates me and I can’t produce a screencap. Plus it seems that YouTube doesn’t have the episode.

  2. Thank-you so much Claire for putting this up! We get Dr Who and Torchwood in NZ but not the Sarah Jane Adventures. I haven’t seen any of the episodes before but now I’ll definitely be checking more of them out!

  3. Just watched part 1 and I’m already caught up in it. I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for years and Sarah Jane was probably my favorite of his companions, however I’ve only seen a few clips of the series, or some of the crossovers onto the Doctor’s show. Anyway, this makes a great excuse for me to get hooked) The actress playing Jane was nearly breaking my heart because you know what her fate is going to be, but you still hope something will change. Loved the way she briefly laid out her situation, and had to laugh at her comments on hubby. (No Cary Elwes I’m sure LOL) But I’m curious about what is going to happen next.

    By the way — the actress playing the girl Emily (I think that’s what she said her name was) in the 19th century section resembled ‘A Room with a View’ era Helena Bonham-Carter. Who is she? And who is the actress playing Jane?

    Thanks for posting the YouTube link! I’m heading back to catch part 2.

    1. You’re right about the resemblance to Helena Bonham-Carter! Hmm, wonder if that’s because TV producers view Helena B-C and the nineteenth century as virtually inseparable??!!!!!

  4. surely Anne is a Protestant?! certainly every book I’ve ever read on her describes her as such, and the family as a whole?! – sorry, slightly off-topic!

    1. No, she wasn’t a Protestant because that label did not actually exist then, it was too early in the Reformation, and although Anne had many Reformist views she wanted reform within the Catholic Church. I would call her “Reformist” rather than Protestant.

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