Lady Jane Grey Stars in the Sarah Jane Adventures

Dec 4, 2010 #Lady Jane Grey

My children were watching TV the other day and they started yelling “Mum, quick, come here!”. I ran, thinking there was some huge emergency, to find that they had called me because Lady Jane Grey was in their favourite programme, “The Sarah Jane Adventures”.

Now, if you have never heard of “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, let me enlighten you: it is a science fiction series aimed at children and is a spin-off from Dr Who. Sarah Jane is Sarah Jane Smith, Dr Who’s former companion from the 1970s, and in this series she protects the Earth from aliens with the help of her computer (Mr Smith), K9, her son, Luke, and his friends, Clyde and Rani, and the Doctor sometimes. Although it is a children’s programme, I must admit to being a bit of a fan, afterall, a good parents has to check out what their children are watching on TV!

Anyway, episode 9 of Series 4, which is called “Lost in Time”, has Sarah Jane, Clyde and Rani all going back in time and Rani finds herself in the Tower of London serving Lady Jane Grey as lady-in-waiting nine days after she became queen. Rani befriends Queen Jane and Jane tells her how she never wanted to be queen and that her father-in-law set it all up, but Rani also finds out that Jane is in danger – one of her ladies is planning to kill her – can Rani save her? Well, I won’t spoil it, although we all know how the true story ends, but here is Part 1 for you to enjoy:-

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