Black Friday Special – Anne Boleyn B Necklace


Just a quickie to let you know that you can save $10 on our Anne Boleyn B Necklace (gold-plated version) – simply purchase it before midnight on Sunday and you can have it for $45 instead of $55.

See Anne Boleyn B Necklace – Gold-plated Edition

Happy shopping and I hope that those if you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.

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7 thoughts on “Black Friday Special – Anne Boleyn B Necklace”
  1. I like the winterized pic at the top, and the ermine cloak for Anne, so she won’t get cold. Henry’s fat can keep him warm! 😉

  2. Duncan has already bought it for me for Christmas! Of course I have completely forgotten that I pointed it out to him and watched him order it… 😉

  3. The Christmas decoration is wonderful,Claire! Anne’s fur cloak lookas if it had been painted on the original portrait! It’s really, really nice

  4. The Wintery scene makes me really jealous since it’s currently 70 degrees and humid here in San Antonio, Texas. I love it though! nicely done Claire–as always!!! 🙂

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