Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress to Go on Display


The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress and the royal wedding cake are going to be on display at Buckingham Palace as part of the Palace’s Summer Opening from 23rd July until the 3rd October 2011. If you are going to be in London this summer then don’t miss out on the Summer Opening, which also includes the special Royal Faberge exhibition.

You can find out more details at http://www.royalcollection.org.uk/default.asp?action=article&ID=952 and book tickets at https://www.rceltickets.com/eventlist.asp?VenueID=1.

There are various ticket options including “A Royal Day Out” which is a flexible discounted ticket allowing visitors admission to all three sites at Buckingham Palace: the State Rooms, the Royal Mews and The Queen’s Gallery. The Royal Faberge exhibition and the displays of the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress and the Royal couple’s wedding cake are included as part of the State Rooms visit.

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13 thoughts on “Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress to Go on Display”
  1. Didn’t they eat the cake?? Or did they make two, one to eat and one of durable materials for exhibition ever after …

    1. I don’t know, I assume they had 2 copies of it. Tradition is that couples save a tier to use at the christening of their first child and wedding cake can last a few years if you don’t cut into it.

      1. Interesting, I suppose that works in the Island climate. Perhaps royalty may have the cake and eat it … (a Tudor phrase, incidentally, I was surprised to see it in a letter of the Duke of Norfolk, Anne Boleyn’s uncle)

  2. I was wondering the same thing about the cake! I think they had at least three different cakes, so maybe they saved this one for this occasion?

  3. I doubt it is a real cake. More likely made of some manmade materials so it will last forever.

  4. Just FYI, they do have several cakes made, guests are given their slice in a box with the Royal names inscribed, very lovely little keepsake, I have actually seen, from a private collector, the cake and lovely keepsake box from The Duke & Duchess of Windsors’ wedding. This was from Queen Elizabeths II uncle and her “American Aunt”. I have also seen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillips’ keepsake wedding cake and box from their wedding that was given to guests. Usually, royal wedding cakes are made from fruitcake. Fruitcake can keep a very long time. Although these two morsels looked like they could still be eaten, I would pass on doing so.

  5. So here’s the scoop on the wedding cake:
    “Other cakes were made to serve to guests, but the one that was cut by the royal couple is the one that will be on display,” says a source at the Royal Collection. “There is a cut into it where the Duke and Duchess cut into it with a sword.”

  6. I just looked at the prices for this exhibition and they are scandalous! Over £30 per person and we would have train fare on top of that. I shall have to go without, again.

    1. I agree how do they expect ordinary families to afford that. For a family of four, even with concessions for kids, you are not going to get much change out of £100, if any, like you say, thats without the cost of getting there. But all the tourist attractions are expensive in London,I took my daughter there in april.

    2. The family day out, which includes more than the exhibition, is £81.50 for a family of 5 but tickets to the State Rooms, which include this exhibition, work out a bit cheaper at £46 for a family and £17.50 per adult. Still not cheap but it is Buck Palace.

  7. Why all the fuss about the cake? They made more then one you can bet on it. Just for things like this. Expensive yes, but where else can you see something like this. It’s a once in a life time.

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