The Tudors Courtly Couture Collection Back at Mary Rose Museum

Just to let you know that The Tudors Courtly Couture Collection is now back on view at The Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth. Here are the details:-

The Tudors – Courtly Couture Collection
Monday 6th June – Friday 30th September

Royal gowns worn in the hit TV series “The Tudors” are now back on display at The Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard from Monday 6th June until Friday 30th September, so, if you missed them last time round then this is your chance!

The exhibition will be open from 11am – 3pm most days, but it is advisable to check before visiting the museum at , the MaryRose500 Facebook page or Twitter feed, or by calling Fiona Harvey, the Appeal Fundraiser, on 023 92 750 521 ext 228.

Entry is free via The Mary Rose shop but donations are welcome as they will be used to help build the new museum for The Mary Rose.

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8 thoughts on “The Tudors Courtly Couture Collection Back at Mary Rose Museum”
  1. Ooooh, wonder if there’s any in my size!!! do you think they’d mind if I tried a few on? 🙂

  2. I wish I was going! Someone start a “Trip to meet the Tudors” comp!! Prize is flights and a week stay in England!!! PLEEEEAAASSSSEEE!!!

    1. I wonder if you did go to England, (attached to Scotland and Wales). Yes, the Tudors are very interesting but I think it’s because of the History element. I guess you’re in the US. Try going to Scara Brae in the Hebrides (He-bra-dees). It’s thousands of years old and you don’t need a costume. 😉

  3. Sadly, I’ll probably fit into one of ole Henry’s doublets and not once of the pretty dresses.

    1. Hi Lilly

      It’s not unusual to show costumes from films in museums particularly as so few items survive from the Tudor period. In this case it seems particularly appropriate as the museum is for Henry’s warship.

      One of the reasons I became fascinated by Anne as a little girl was because the costumes from Henry VIII and his six wives (film version where Charlotte Rampling played Anne Boleyn) were exhibited in the undercroft of Canterbury Cathedral. Thirty-odd years later and I can still remember the brown dress worn by the actress who played Elizabeth and Anne’s coronation robes.

      1. I’m currently making an Anne Bolyne costume for my friend’s daughter. The whole process makes me appreciate that in Tudor times people sewed by hand in the choking smoke of rushlights or candles. They must have woken very early to catch the daylight. They couldn’t buy fabric from eBay! Bummer. I imagine these peoplewent blind at an early age, were paid next to nothing and lived in fear of their lives. This is Henry VIII after all. Apparently he was a lovely, affable, affectionate man before he was thrown from his horse and sustained a head injury. I think it was whilst he was married to his 1st wife.

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